Best Pillow Reviews: Where to Buy the Most Top-Rated Products Online?

Women Sleeping on Side

Nothing is better than waking up in bed after a good night’s sleep feeling refreshed and ready to take on your day. But without the proper cushion, your morning can be less than ideal as you wake up feeling groggy and sometimes suffering with neck or back pain.

Finding the best bed pillow for your sleep needs can feel heaven-sent and if you’ve ever found a perfect cushion, chances are you’ve held on to it way past its expiration date because they can be so damn hard to come by. But if you’ve never had a good one before or it is simply time to invest in a new one because your old one was cheap quality, our reviews are sure to help you revolutionize the way your body rests for the night, which effects how you get up in the morning.

We reviewed the best pillows in the market to help you find a cushion that provides both ergonomic comfort and orthopedic support for bed time, so you can prevent everything from insomnia and sleep deprivation to waking up with stiff or painful joints and muscles. If you’re pregnant or suffer from chronic neck pain, it can be even more important to buy good products, as they can prevent conditions like spinal stenosis, herniated discs and more.

If you’re wondering what is the most recommended pillows or brands to buy for your specific needs and sleep preferences, our reviews can help you find the product you’ve been dreaming of, so here's a list of our top 5 products just for your convenience. 

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Review of the Top 5 Best-Selling Pillows

1. Coop Hypoallergenic Memory Foam 

Cooper Hypoallergenic memory foam

Fully adjustable, hypoallergenic and made in the USA, most consider the Coop Hypoallergenic Memory Foam Pillow to be the world’s best pillow on the market and has been known to be the top selling pillows in the industry. The Coop brand has become pretty famous in the industry for their reputable quality. What truly sets these guys apart from competitors, is that they can be adjusted to match your unique preferences by allowing you to add and remove foam to achieve the perfect level of fluffiness. Not only that, but the shredded foam included in this product is expertly formulated and CertiPURE-US certified for content, performance and durability. The versatility and value of this product make it perfect for any type of sleeper as it is designed to be customizable and the possibilities seem endless.

In addition, the other valuable selling features of this product include the stay cool cover, which is designed using a luxurious fabric that will stay cool throughout the night so that you can wake up feeling refreshed. The interlock fabric also creates a smooth surface for this cushion so that it is always fluffed and never lumpy.

2. Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury 

Among other queries, shoppers often ask at the store is, "what's the best cushion to snooze on to wake up feeling refreshed?" Most retail assistants will probably answer, "it's the breathability of it's fabric". The Snuggle-Pedic Ultra Luxury Pillows, available in king, queen, or standard size, is specially engineered with a micro-ventilated, extra breathable kool-flow cover that will keep your cushion feeling cool and fresh all night long. This cover also consists of 43% bamboo and the cushion contains premium shredded memory foam for soft and plush comfort.

Snuggle Pedic ultra-luxury

This brands high quality and high value material is hypoallergenic and made in the USA with no harmful chemicals. In addition, for those asking what kind of cushion is most suitable for preventing neck pain, these products are reviewed as a leading option as they keep your spine aligned and prevents strain on your neck. The memory foam filling molds perfectly to support your head and neck to prevent flat head. Combine that with the fact that this product comes with a 20-year warranty and the Snuggle-Pedic can be the only cushion you need for years of peaceful rest.

3. Iso-Cool Memory Foam

Iso Cool Memory Foam

Like the Snuggle-Pedic, the Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillows are also best for those looking for a cushion that will stay cool throughout the night, though the technology to achieve this refreshing sensation is different. This product features a 100% cotton cover, which is a big selling feature as the material is delicate on the skin and is highly breathable. In addition, the PCM beads help with temperature control, either retaining cool freshness or releasing warmth, making it extremely cheap for the value you get. You may as well take advantage of the discount sale they have going right now too.

For many, figuring out the best pillow for them can be determined by the position they lay in and side sleepers often rally behind the Iso-Cool claiming it to be the greatest bed topper of all. Besides being relatively inexpensive and affordable regardless of the high quality construction, this cushion is very plush and features a gusseted design that is simply ideal for those who prefer to lay on their sides.

4. My Pillow Premium Series 

My Pillow Premium series

The My Pillow Premium versatile cushions can be ordered in 4 different loft thicknesses, to accommodate all sleepers, from those who like soft and thin cushions, to those who prefer fluffy and firm pillows. The brand unique, patented interlocking fill also gives these products elite comfort, letting you adjust it as you like and preventing them from ever going flat. The breathable material also allows this pillow to stay cool, for the most refreshing naps that allows you to wake energized. Made in the USA and eco-friendly, this headrest is of the highest quality and offers both orthopedic support and dreamy comfort. Because the product is so customizable, it can accommodate any type of sleeper and various positions.

5. Z Zoned Memory Foam 

Z Zoned Memory Foam

The Z Zoned Memory Foam Pillow features unique dough foam that serves as the perfect material to support your neck and head for soft comfort as you rest your head. As the name implies, these cushions offer zoned support to specific target areas through a pine core design, relieving pressure while you rest and preventing back and neck ache for when you wake. The orthopedic support that this product offers is the reason many who suffer from nightly aches consider this to be the best pillow in the world. In addition, the porous nature of the dough memory foam filling allows for maximum breathability so that the cushion always remains cool. You can buy this product in the type of fluffiness you like, from firm and flat to soft and plush. 

What is your Sleeping Position?


The side sleeper, or as some like to say, the spooner, is a type of person that likes to lay on one side when in bed. These people like to curl into a fetal position, others like to snuggle a pillow or a spooning buddy. Not to mention that this is the advised resting position for pregnant women. However, this position can sometimes put strain on your stomach and organs and it can often leave you waking up with a squished and numb arm.

Sleep on Side


Man Laying Back

Do you just love sprawling across your bed face up? If so you may be a back sleeper. Laying on your back is great for your spine and neck as they are not contorted in strained positions. However, this position isn’t ideal for the snoring-prone and sleep apnea, a sometimes-serious condition and is most common in these types of people.


Laying on your stomach all night can prevent snoring and sleep apnea, however, it is otherwise taxing on your body compared to other positions as it can flatten your spine and strain your neck. To correct this position, there are several top-rated pillows on the market that can help you turn into a side or back sleeper instead.

Girl Snuggled In Bed

Combination Sleeper

Messy Bedding

If you are the type that will just lay in whatever position is most comfortable, you may be a combination sleeper. While switching up your positions can offer various health benefits, if your tossing and turning is causing you to wake up in the middle of the night, our reviews can help you find a pillow that will let you get into a comfy position and keeps you there all night.

The combination sleeper can be a hard one to shop for​, but basically all they need is firm support and good breathability. 

Which Pillow is the Best for you?

Bed Set

Before pulling out your wallet and pressing the buy now button, it's important to know what kind of pillow you're shopping for in the first place. Because regardless of what people think, cushions are not a one size fits all product. Everybody is different and have different needs, requirements or preferences, so you can see why finding the correct cushion for your needs is absolutely paramount. 

So we thought we would make life easier for you by breaking down the different types of products there are in the market and where to buy them.​

​For Side-Sleepers

Which type of pillow is great for bed time has a lot to do with the position that you lay in. Laying on your side is the most common positions, but without the proper support, you can place unnecessary strain on your joints and face. Laying on the wrong cushion can cause you to wake up with wrinkles and possible pain in your back and jaw, not to mention the uncomfortable pins and needles sensation in your arm if blood flow was constricted as you laid on it.

Women Sleeping on Side

For these reasons, it is important to buy a headrest that will support your body, align your neck and spine and that is delicate on your face. Side sleepers should look for cushions that will not go flat and that you can lay your head into softly. Memory foam and hypoallergenic pillows are often among the most popular among these type of people, which is why we had to include them in this site.

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​For Pregnant Women

A good nights rest is important on a nightly basis, but for pregnant women it is even more important as you need enough energy for not just one, but two. Higher quality maternity headrests are flexible and can fit the natural curvature of your body, proving both comfort and support as your baby bump keeps growing. For this reason the highly-recommended pillows for pregnancy often feature innovative C or U shapes that can hug your body in all the right places.

Pregnant Belly

Doctors often recommend that pregnant women lay on their sides to minimize the pressure on your spine and uterus. For this reason, many of the top-rated maternity cushion are full body and catered toward the side position, featuring long necks that can be tucked between the legs to properly align the hips and spine, as well as increased support for the upper and lower back. However, the right pillow should be flexible and can be twisted and folded to accommodate any sleeping or relaxing position, whether you want to lay on your side or back, or sit up and tuck the cushion below your tummy.

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​For Traveling


Traveling can enrich the soul and broaden the mind, but it can also tire the body if you are not getting the proper sleep, all because you lack the right traveling pillow. Being able to catch some z’s while traveling allows you to regenerate the power that you need to take full advantage of the adventure at the destination ahead. The good travel cushion can be your #1 companion for that reason, allowing you to rest comfortably whether you are in a car, train, plain, ship, or any other place. Some of our travel cushions are U shaped, because this is often what is the most comfortable way to snooze while traveling. However, some of the other top-rated pillows feature versatile designs that can accommodate a variety of positions.

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​For Neck Pain

Neck Pain

If you find yourself asking “what are the best pillows for neck pain” it may be time to invest in a better product that can improve the quality of comfort and support when you rest. For those suffering from chronic neck pain, the better options are the ones that offer the right loft height and the perfect combination of fluffiness and firmness to support your neck and keep it aligned with your spine. If your cushion is too flat, it will not be able to offer the support that you need. Some of the top pillows even allow you to adjust the loft by removing the inner material, while others may feature memory foam that will always keep its buoyancy.

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​For Back-Sleepers

Man Laying Back

Snoozing on your back can prevent strain on your neck, keeping your spine properly aligned. However, back sleepers often develop snoring or can wake up with a headache if they lack the proper cushioning. In addition, those that are back sleepers that also suffer from sleep apnea can worsen their condition by laying on their backs and not having a proper pillow. For this reason, the greatest types for back sleepers are those that feature the right loft that will keep your head elevated enough to prevent snoring and sleep apnea. For this reason, memory foam and other foam pillows are often the right choice for back sleepers, as they are both thick and squishy. Thereby offering both comfort and support as they mold to your body.

All our top-rated back sleeper cushions have helpful reviews that will allow you to determine which is the best option for you.

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Final Thoughts: So, Where Can I Buy My Next Pillow?

Coop Product Review

Investing in the right products sometimes isn't cheap, but it can make a world of difference to the way you sleep, allowing you to dream peacefully and wake up feeling your best making it totally worth it. We have created this review site for you to easily determine what options are recommended for you and to have a reliable place to purchase your pillows online, so you never have to even think about where to buy a decent cushion ever again, because we have you covered. 

We just know how much of a difference a good pillow can affect the way you function and even your mood, which is why we thought it was really important to find the best pillows on the market, and share with you guys what we found. So if you're on the hunt for a new pillow then shopping online is a good way to go, because you can find all the information you need to find a decent cushion for your needs, right here. ​

So check out our top-rated pillows and our reviews on them today for all the information you need on where to buy them whether it's on sale or at a discount price, either way we've tracked down the best price for you. 

Otherwise, if you're screaming "Shut up and take my money" and you're ready to buy the best pillow online, then all you have to do is click right here or the button below.​