Avana Contoured Foam Wedge Pillow: Added Comfort For Side Sleepers

No doubt you already know how important it is to understand what you need and what you expect from a pillow before you buy one. Once you know exactly what you are looking for it’s time to check out various brands to find the one that suits your individual needs and expectations.

First you need to understand your sleep problem, just how challenging is it for you. Do you have trouble getting to sleep? Or do you have trouble staying asleep? Is your sleeplessness related to health problems or is it possible that you are sleeping on the wrong kind of pillow? Whatever your problem, you definitely need the support the right pillow can give you.

A pillow is not only an object to put your head on when you go to bed. You need it for protection and comfort so that it becomes easy for you to fall asleep. Not only for you to fall asleep, but also to help you stay asleep.

For information of what the Avana Contoured Bed Wedge Support Pillow offers just read further. This could be the answer to all your prayers.


Quick Overview

You really don’t need to look further than the Avana Contoured Bed Wedge Support Pillow if you’re looking for a good night’s sleep and want a product that is really good value for money.

No doubt you have already considered a foam wedge pillow and there are many on the market. But have you considered buying a memory foam wedge pillow? If so, the Avana pillow is just the thing to give you the support and comfort that you need at night. You’ll soon wonder how you ever managed without it. It’s a dream come true.

With a base made of polyurethane foam and a memory foam top it is the ideal solution to your sleeping problems if you are a side sleeper. It’s also suitable for back sleepers and for those who like to read or watch TV in bed.  Or even for those who just want to relax in bed.

The fact that it’s covered with a breathable bamboo-rayon cover ensures that you won’t overheat during the night. As it’s breathable, it stays cool, thus allowing you a good, cool night’s sleep.

So, if it’s support and comfort you are after then no need to look any further. This is just the pillow to meet all your needs and expectations.


  • This pillow gives just the right amount of support for side sleepers so guarantees a good night’s sleep. But it’s also suitable for back sleepers
  • It elevates you so that you get natural relief from any ailments such as acid reflux, or even snoring.
  • The soft foam is exceptionally comfortable but also firm enough to ensure support.
  • The antimicrobial cover is perfect for people suffering with allergies and is also machine-washable.
  • It offers relief if you suffer from arthritis or have other health issues.
  • It’s possibly too firm for those who like to sleep on something really soft.
  • If you are extremely tall or extremely short it may not be so comfortable.


Product Specifications

Made from polyurethane foam and memory foam, you will be guaranteed a product that will elevate you to the perfect sleeping position. Its soft foam elevates your body, thus offering you the relief that you’ve longed for from any aches and pains you may be suffering.

The polyurethane foam gives you support while the memory foam shapes to your body to ensure a comfortable good night’s sleep. How does it give you this support? It does this by molding to your shape so there is little chance of you sliding off it and becoming uncomfortable during the night.

You will be amazed at just how much support it gives you.

The cover is made from bamboo-rayon with the sides made from micro-suede. The advantage of using bamboo-rayon is that it is a fabric that is breathable. Breathable fabrics ensure that you don’t get too warm and uncomfortable while sleeping. So, at last, no more waking up in the middle of the night with that sweaty feeling.

The cover can even be removed and laundered in the washing machine when necessary. No need to buy extra pillowcases unless of course you like your bedroom to be color coordinated. But should you want an extra cover it is possible to purchase one.

With dimensions of 35 x 24 x 8 inches it’s especially designed for side sleepers, but it is also suitable for back sleepers. If you have problems with arthritis, sinus problems or suffer from acid reflux this is just the one for you. Believe it or not it even helps alleviate the problem of snoring.

What’s more, it is antimicrobial so there is no need for concern if you suffer from any allergies. It is resistant to dust mites, mold, bacteria and allergens.

In fact, it is the perfect product for everyone!


Main Benefits

We always put a lot of consideration into buying a mattress, but did you know that buying a pillow needs just as much consideration? Without the right pillow, you’ll never be able to get the sleep that you so much crave for.

Of course, it’s essential to buy the correct mattress, but it’s just as essential to buy the correct pillow. You’ve probably never thought about how much sleeping space the pillow takes up in your bed and about how much support you need from it. It’s imperative that you get the support you need from your pillow whether you sleep on your side or on your back. Only with the right pillow will you get the right sleep.

Do you wake up every morning feeling that you haven’t slept enough, or even haven’t slept at all? If so, then it’s time to buy a sleeping wedge pillow. This is the answer to all your problems. But what are the benefits of such a pillow? Is it worth investing money in buying one? Read further to get the answers to these questions. You’ll soon be convinced that it’s just the thing you’ve been looking for.

  • The memory foam takes your natural shape so helps you to keep a good posture while asleep. While being soft enough to be comfortable, it’s also firm enough to give your head and neck the support much needed during the night.
  • It offers excellent support; something you’ve longed for and given up hope of finding.
  • You don’t need a further pillow as the memory foam is soft enough. But, if you have a favorite pillow and you like to sleep on something exceptionally soft, you can still sleep on it without it slipping down during the night.
  • Although it has been especially designed for side sleepers, it’s also suitable or back sleepers. Not only that; it’s also ideal if you like to watch TV or read in bed. A must also for those who just like to relax in bed.
  • If you are suffering from an uncomfortable pregnancy you’ll be amazed at how much better you can sleep with this. The perfect pregnancy wedge pillow.
  • A perfect present for that snoring husband (or wife!) as it elevates your head to a position where breathing becomes easier. The ideal wedge pillow for snoring!
  • What better choice is there if you are looking for something to offer you the chance of sleeping well. Also, if you are looking for a pillow that will alleviate any aches and pains that you suffer health-wise.

When you consider how many benefits there are to this pillow you’ll be wondering why you haven’t thought of buying one sooner. Once you’ve bought one you’ll soon agree that without it, you’ll never have such a good night’s sleep again.


What Makes This Product Work So Well?

There are many reasons why this product works so well. But the main reason it works so well is because it is made from the highest quality materials. Being made from polyurethane foam and memory foam then covered with breathable bamboo-rayon, it offers ventilation and support. This ventilation and support ensures that you will have a good, comfortable sleep. If it’s a stress-free sleep that you’re looking for, then you don’t need to look any further. This can only be guaranteed when quality materials are used in production.

Are you an allergy sufferer? You’ve more than likely tried out an endless number of pillows all to no avail. Maybe you found one that was at least tolerable but needed to replace it after a short period of time. This was because the cover had become dirty and couldn’t be removed for washing.

No problem here. The cover of this memory foam wedge pillow is machine washable so you can launder it whenever you feel that it needs freshening up. You can add it to your weekly laundry if that’s what you want.

What’s more, the antimicrobial bamboo-rayon cover on the Avana pillow protects you against any allergic reaction. An allergic reaction that you have probably suffered when sleeping on an inferior quality product. The foam wedge pillow is resistant to dust mites, mold, bacteria and allergens. The perfect solution for allergy suffers.

The cover is also breathable so you’re not going to end up waking with a sweaty feeling in the night. The breathable bamboo-rayon cover ensures that you stay cool the whole night through.

Although it is only offered in one size the memory foam molds the pillow to your form. So, unless you are exceptionally tall or exceptionally small there is no need to test which size is the right one for you.

Do you need to know any more to understand why this product works so well?

How Convenient Is It To Use?

Due to its soft covering the pillow is completely comfortable. But at the same time, due to its firmness it gives you the support you need for a good night’s sleep. What can be more convenient than sleeping on a pillow that molds completely to your personal shape? You fit it perfectly with no fear of sliding off in the night and waking up.

Do you suffer from sleep apnea? This is when a blockage in your airway prevents you from breathing when you are asleep. If so, you probably can’t get to sleep because you are afraid that you’ll stop breathing during the night. There are many risk factors that cause this and various treatments available for it. But in the meantime, you are still being starved of sleep as these treatments take time to get adjusted to.

One of the alternative remedies that are available is to make adjustments to your sleeping position. Studies have proved that if you sleep on your side with your head elevated the sleep apnea symptoms will lessen.

This sleep apnea wedge pillow not only supports your head and neck, but also your body and hips. Your body is in just the right position to avoid your airways from becoming blocked.

Besides this the shape is also ideal should you want to read in bed, watch TV in bed or even relax in bed. Plus, its shape is perfect for use as a pregnancy wedge pillow. And, of course the shape is also ideal if you are looking for a wedge pillow for snoring.

Once you’ve slept on this pillow you’re sure to agree that it is the most convenient pillow that you have ever slept on. Possibly the only pillow that you have ever been able to sleep on! Buy one for your snoring partner too and sleepless nights will become a thing of the past.


If you believe that the pillow you choose is important for your health then this is the right choice for you. It will give you the support you need while being extremely comfortable at the same time. It’s perfect for everyone. Perfect if you suffer from sleep apnea, arthritis, acid reflux, sinus problems or if you snore or just want to relax reading a book or watching TV in bed.

There’s now no need for you to look further. Although it’s not cheap, it’s made from highest quality materials and it will be money well spent.

Sweet dreams are made of this!