Beautyrest Extra Firm Back Pillow Review

Beautyrest Back Pillow

Beautyrest Pillow Overview

There are countless positions that people sleep in. Some may be more inclined to sleep on their back, while others prefer sleeping on the side or stomach. Depending on the preferred sleeping position, the pillow that provides the best support and a good night’s sleep varies. The different sleeping positions apply pressure to the neck, head and spine in different ways that can be problematic without the proper support. For those who sleep on the back and/or side, the Beautyrest extra firm back pillow is recommended to provide the best support and comfort.

If you are a member of the back-sleeper club, then I would suggest to keep reading this full review on this product. ​


  • SOFT TO TOUCH - 400 thread count 100% pima cotton fabric
  • ALL NIGHT COMFORT - Filled With NaturesLoft fiberfill
  • EXTRA FIRM SUPPORT - Created for back and side sleepers
  • ULTIMATE LOFT - A 2" gussett enhances supportive features
  • Filled and fitted in the USA of imported materials. 

This pillow is designed to be soft to the touch for maximum comfort. The Beautyrest pillow provides extra firm support for back-sleepers to relieve pressure on the neck and spine. This works to prevent stiffness and pain after a long night’s rest. The pillow sports enhanced features that allow it to provide extra support that is needed for the position of sleeping. The materials it is filled with allow all night comfort using this cushion by keeping it cool all night long. There no longer needs to be flipping all night long. This cushion also allows easy cleaning with its machine washing and drying ability.

Product Specifications:

The softness of the Beautyrest pillow can be attributed to it’s cover being manufactured using 400 count thread. It also utilizes complete 100% pima cotton fabric. The two of these combined creates an incredibly soft experience to sleep on every night. The pillow is also filled with Naturesloft fiberfill to keep it cool throughout the entire night. To maximize the support, the pillow is created with a two-inch gusset that allows it to retain it to retain the ultimate loft. The product prevents the head from sinking into it, compared to other materials. The loft is what allows it to maintain a certain height for the person sleeping on it.


  • Machine wash and dry
  • Soft design for maximum comfort
  • Provides extra support where needed
  • Relieves pressure to prevent pain form sleeping


  • May soften over time

Final Verdict: Is it Right For You?

Sleeping With Teddy Bear

The Beautyrest extra firm back pillow exhibits minimal flaws and it has various benefits that allow it to exceed beyond other specialized products, especially for those prone to sleeping on their backs. In this review it is obvious that this product is built to be durable and last for years without deflating or the seams breaking apart. It performs well when providing support to the neck, head and spine and will prevent any future soreness when waking up. The comfortability and softness of the design allows for a peaceful night’s sleep, but those seeking an ultra-firm cushion should take note that this may soften over time. It even incorporates special cooling fibers to deliver a perfect night’s sleep without waking up to flip the pillow over all night long. 

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