5 Best Back Support Pillow Reviews: Deal With Lumbar Pain At Home, Work Or On The Road

Have you ever thought that your back plays a key role when it comes to your health and to your feeling of well-being? Believe it or not but back pain is actually the cause of most sick days from work. And it’s one of the main grounds for long-term disability. You possibly didn’t know that it’s an ailment that affects one in 10 people. Not surprising really – when you consider that every day you spend an average of 11.5 hours sitting! Just think of the stress this causes to your spine.

If you are one of these 10 people who suffer with backache, you’ll be eager to do something to alleviate the pain. But what can you do? You’ve probably not thought about purchasing a back support pillow before, have you?

So how can a back support pillow help? It’ll provide you with extra support while you are sitting so that you’ll stay in an upright position. With this your neck will be aligned, as will your hips and back – this means that you’ll end up with a better posture.

It works by supporting your muscles so they don’t get tired; tired muscles are the cause of pain.

A good lumber pillow should ideally fit flush to the small of your back. This is possible today as many pillows are made from memory foam that molds to your individual shape.

It’s a great support if you work long hours at the computer or if you travel long distances by car. As such pillows are compact they are easy to transport – some even supply a carry bag for transportation.


Our Top 5 Best Back Support Pillow Recommendations

You probably have enough to contend with, without be faced with searching through endless products that promise you the earth. How do you know that they will deliver what they promise? To make life a little easier for you we’ve checked out various products and have come to the conclusion that the following 5 are amongst the best that money can buy. Check them out – maybe you’ll find just what you’re looking for.


1 – Vive Lumbar Support Pillow

This is a back support pillow that has been designed with curves that will fit your body. Made from foam, you’ll not only be provided with support for your back, but you’ll also feel comfortable.  It’s completely versatile – you’ll be able to use it wherever you are. It has an elastic strap integrated into it for securing it to your chair. It will fit on a dining chair, office chair, or even in an automobile seat or airplane seat. What’s more you’ll be able to use it indoors and outdoors.

You’ll feel a great difference whether you’re sitting at the computer, reading a book or dining as it will cushion your back at all times. It will give support to your lower back to relieve muscle strain and help improve your posture. It’s suitable for sufferers of sciatica, backache, stenosis, arthritis or herniated disks. It’s also great if you’re pregnant or if you’re recovering from an injury. It’s a must if you sit for longer periods of time.

And, of course, an important factor is that the cover can be removed for laundering.



  • Offers relief from all kinds of back pains
  • Simple to attach to any kind of seat
  • Ideal for use when recovering from injury or when pregnant
  • Foam cushioned for comfort
  • Soft cover can be removed for laundering


  • It falls forward when you stand up
  • It’s on the narrow side


2 – Xtreme Comforts Lumbar Pillow

This must be the best lumbar support pillow. You’ll be able to sit in comfort with no pain with the support this offers. It has four straps for attaching it to seats, but it can also be used without being attached if you want to use it while sitting on the couch. It’s suitable to use whether you’re sitting in an office chair, in your car on in an airplane. What’s more, it’s offers ideal support for wheelchair users. And it comes with a carry bag so it’s easy to carry around with you.

If you suffer from any medical ailment relating to back pain, you’ll be amazed at the relief you’ll get from it. Pregnant women will benefit from it immensely, too, not only when they’re pregnant, but also when feeding baby after it’s born. If you’re confined to a wheelchair, you’ll be glad to have the extra support you need.

As it’s made from memory foam it’s completely soft and comfortable and will conform to your shape to give you the utmost in support. Memory foam is also breathable so you won’t feel sweaty. What’s more, the zippered cover is made from hypoallergenic bamboo and can be machine-washed and tumble dried.



  • Provides relief for many medical ailments
  • Suitable for using anywhere
  • Made from 100% memory foam
  • Removable, washable cover made from hypoallergenic bamboo
  • A carry bag is also included in the price


  • You need to keep adjusting it
  • It’s on the thick side


3 – Doggie Lumbar Support

This small lumbar pillow measures 15.35inches x 5.12 inches x 16.93 inches and is made of memory foam of extremely high quality. Its mesh cover is breathable so there’s no fear of your lumber regions becoming sweaty when using it for longer periods of time. It will fit onto absolutely any kind of seat. It can be used in an executive chair, in a computer chair or in a gaming chair. It will even fit on a recliner seat, whether you’re using one at home or in an airplane or even in the car. It’s a must for truck drivers who travel long distances to give them a better posture. And it’s also great for wheelchair users.

Being as it’s made from memory foam it will fit your shape comfortably, thus giving you the support that you need for your spine. You’ll be able to say goodbye to those aches and pains around the mid and lower back regions.



  • Suitable for use on all kinds of chairs
  • Relieves pain in mid and lower back
  • Designed to give complete support
  • Made from memory foam of extremely high quality
  • Cover is made from breathable mesh


  • It’s rather narrow
  • You’ll be pushed too far forward in chair


4 – bonmedico Orthopedic

This could just be the best pillow for back pain. It’s made from viscoelastic memory foam, which will shape to your body thus giving you the support you need while still being comfortable. When not in use it will return to its original shape.

It’s ideal for use when traveling, whether by car, by train, by truck or by airplane. It’s also suitable for any other times when you’ll be sitting for longer periods of time, whether in the office, at home or outdoors.

You’ll find that your sitting posture will improve thus giving relief to any back or neck ailments that you suffer from. What’s more, it’s ideal for using as a maternity pillow for pregnant women – it can even be used instead of a back wedge pillow during the whole pregnancy.

For securing it to your seat there is a fastener strap integrated into it. There are two snaps to secure it to your seat so it will stay in place. Besides, it can be used as a seat cushion as well as a back support. As it comes with a carry case you’ll be able to take it with you wherever you go.



  • Offers fast relief from pain
  • Machine washable mesh cover is stain resistant and breathable
  • Filled with viscoelastic memory foam
  • Fastener strap is integrated
  • A carry case is provided


  • It may be too thick for some
  • Doesn’t work so well with taller people


5 – Milliard Lumbar Support Pillow

As it comes with a tote bag you’ll be able to carry it around with you easily. You won’t even have a problem packing it into your suitcase as it’s made from memory foam – just squeeze it into the smallest of spaces and when you take it out again it will expand.

It really is a must if you tend to slouch – such a bad posture is the main cause of backache. Also if you have a bad computer posture you’ll see the benefit of using a lower back support pillow. It will improve your posture thus relieving any pressure on the muscles in you lower back area.

Unlike most lumbar support pillows, this one even has bolstered sides. This not only makes sure that your pillow stays in place, but also ensures that your spine is properly aligned. It can even be used as a seat cushion if necessary as the elastic strap will extend up to 31 inches.



  • Offers tailored support
  • Made from memory foam
  • Helps prevent slouching
  • Sides are bolstered for extra support
  • Can be used as a seat or back cushion


  • The strap isn’t adjustable
  • Not quite wide enough for some


Features You Should Focus On

As back support pillows have received FDA approval, you won’t need to be concerned about their safety. But it is important that you consider what features are offered before you decide which is the right product for you. Nothing is worse than looking forward to relief from your newly purchased product only to find it wasn’t the right one for you. To help you in your decision, read through the following points that we consider to be the most important things to think about.

Is It A Good Quality Product?

This is not a product you’ll only be using for a short while; you’ll need it (or at least want the comfort of it!) for many years to come. For this reason you should look for a good quality product that is long lasting. The material it’s produced from will help you know whether or not it’s of good quality. Just reading reviews or knowing that the product sells well won’t necessarily mean that it will last.

How Important Is Material?

The material is very important as it could be of poor quality. You should look for a product that uses a material that is strong, but also breathable. You don’t want to end up with skin problems through using it. Also you don’t want to find that you can’t use the pillow because your back becomes sweaty if the fabric doesn’t breathe.

Does It Offer Enough Support?

No two people have exactly the same requirements when it comes down to support. It best to check out a product that will mold to the shape of your back or check out one that can be adjusted to suit you. By doing this you’ll avoid suffering any further pain from using a wrongly fitted product.

When it comes to support you’ll also need to consider the level of resistance it offers to ensure that your muscles stay in the position they should be. If a pillow doesn’t offer enough resistance you won’t get the support you need. Then you’ll find that your back muscles start hurting even more.

How Much Are You Willing To Pay For A Support Pillow?

It’s not the most important factor, but it is one well worth considering. Be aware that they are more expensive than the average pillow, but they also offer more for their money. Obviously, the one you buy will have to suit your budget, but by scrimping on such a purchase you’ll only be throwing your money away. Luckily these products are not too expensive so you won’t be breaking the bank when you come to purchase one. But whichever price range you choose; make sure the pillow is durable.


Considering that a support pillow is not so expensive, you’ll have to agree that it offers a lot for what you’re paying. It’ll not only relieve the pain you feel, but it will also prevent it from returning in the future.

What’s more, you’ll feel as if you have a new lease of life after using one.