Best Buckwheat Pillow Reviews: Japanese Comfort With Organic Materials

Top 5 Best Buckwheat PillowDo you suffer from sleep apnea and are desperate for a good night’s sleep? Then most probably your pillow is not the best to help you sleep so it’s time you thought of buying a new one. Maybe you just can’t sleep because of neck problems. Neck problems are one of the most common problems caused by sleeping on the wrong pillow.

So, if you’re looking for one that will help you get a good night’s sleep and ease any aches and pains then you should consider buying a buckwheat neck pillow.

Our Top 5 Recommendations

As there are so many pillows on offer, we have compiled a list of what we consider to be the 5 best products on the market that are also good value for money. This will make it easier for you to choose the best buckwheat pillow for your needs.

1. ComfySleep Buckwheat Pillow (Made in USA)

This ComfySleep product is filled with buckwheat hulls that are chemical free and are obtained from plants that are grown in America.

It offers great support for your neck and head and actually comes in 4 sizes. They are ‘Traditional’, ‘Classic’, ‘Classic Plus’ and ‘Standard’. The traditional pillow is ideal for travelling or for children or adults who are smaller. The classic design is suitable for anyone while the classic plus offers extra support to your neck and head. This is especially good if you sleep on your side. The standard is perfect for the taller person or for those who sleep on their side and have broad shoulders.

The cover is produced from cotton twill that is organic and what’s more, it is 100% durable. As the cover has a zip the buckwheat can be removed so it can be washed or it can be removed so that you can replace it with fresh hulls.


  • Suitable for people with allergies as it is chemical free
  • In 4 sizes so there’s definitely one to suit your needs
  • Helps your posture as it supports your head and neck
  • Hulls allow movement of air so it doesn’t get overheated
  • Although it’s not cheap, it’s really good value for money


  • Possibly too hard for those who like a soft pillow
  • Hard to decide on the amount of buckwheat you need


2. Zen Chi Organic Twin Size

As the name says, this product contains buckwheat hulls that are 100% organic. This helps to keep the pillow cool by circulating the air. So, you’ll be sure of a cool night’s sleep. It’s also refillable so you can customize exactly how much buckwheat you need. Add more if you prefer something harder or remove some for a softer touch.

It offers a maximum amount of support and comfort as it completely forms to your shape. The amount of support it gives will not only help you to sleep better. But it will also help to relieve any pain or tension in your muscles or neck.

It’s ideal if you suffer from headaches neck pains or if you are under a lot of stress. What’s more, you can adjust it, which means that it can also help reduce that exasperating snoring. Measuring 20ins. x 26ins. it is just the right size for everyone.


  • The buckwheat hulls circulate the air in the pillow
  • Can be customized to individual needs
  • Conforms to your shape
  • Helps relieve pain and tension in your neck
  • Excellent price


  • Although the hulls are organic they have a strong odor
  • Some complain that it’s noisy when you move on it


3. Beans72 Organic Buckwheat Pillow

Made in the USA and filled with buckwheat hulls that are 100% organically grown in the US. This means that the hulls are not fumigated. This is the case with organically grown hulls from China so the product has a chemical smell. The casing is produced from 100% cotton that is bleached naturally.

It’s the best organic pillow if you’re looking for something to relieve stress and tension that causes headaches, stiff neck and muscle pains. It adjusts totally to your shape so it gives the necessary support to your spine, neck and head. The cooling effect is a result of the hulls enabling the circulation of air in the pillow. Thereby your head and neck will stay cool throughout the night.

This product comes in various sizes – queen size (20ins. x 30ins) twin/standard size (20ins. x 26ins) – travel/child size (11ins. x 16ins) and Japanese size (14ins x 20ins).

There is a zipper on the cover so you can replenish the hulls when needed or remove some if you find it’s too full for your needs.

Pillow covers can be purchased separately as can the organic buckwheat hulls.

It’s very good value for money.



  • Organically grown in the US so no chemical smell
  • Buckwheat can be replenished when necessary due to zipper
  • Supports your spine thus relieving stress and tension
  • Air circulation guarantees that you won’t get too sweaty
  • There’s a size suitable for everyone


  • You need to be careful when laundering it
  • Not suitable if you keep changing position during the night


4. Qbedding Organic Adjustable

Buckwheat hulls that are 100% organic are filled into a cover that is made of 100% cotton. The only problem is that. as the product is made in China, it is standard procedure that organic hulls are fumigated to prevent bugs and mold. This causes a slight chemical odor in the pillow.

The cover even has a zip so it is easy to add or remove hulls as necessary. It is also practical to remove for laundering.

Unlike most products, the case has even been sewn with double seams. This ensures that there is less noise made by the buckwheat when you move in the night. In a buckwheat review one customer complained of this noise keeping her awake.

It’s an ideal product if you are allergic to feather pillows as the buckwheat is hypoallergenic. It also massages your head when you lay on it. This will help you fall asleep easily. What’s more, the cooling effect of buckwheat hulls keeps the pillow cool throughout the night.


  • 100% organic hulls filled into 100% cotton cover
  • Cover easily removed for laundering or for replacing hulls
  • Double seams mean less noise when you move about
  • Great solution if you suffer from any kind of allergies
  • The massaging effect is relaxing and helps you sleep


  • Could be too hard if you like a soft pillow
  • Although it’s organic it does have a chemical smell


5. Sobakawa Buckwheat Pillow with FREE Pillow Protective Cover

Yes, you’ve read that correctly, the Sobakawa pillow comes with a FREE protective cover. You have a choice of purchasing the standard size (15ins. x 20ins.) or the jumbo size (20ins. x 29ins.). Whichever you choose you can be sure to have a product that is filled with 100% buckwheat hulls that will help to keep your head cool. As the husks repel the heat the air circulates easily so you won’t wake up feeling sticky.

The only problem is that the casing cannot be removed for laundering as there is no zip. But if you cover it with a pillowcase this shouldn’t be a problem.

The support it offers is great if you suffer from allergies, arthritis or it can even help reduce snoring. You’ll wonder why you haven’t purchased one sooner.



  • Comes with a FREE protective cover which has a zipper
  • It offers a lifetime guarantee
  • Air circulation guarantees that your head won’t get too hot
  • Great if you suffer from aches and pains or even if you snore
  • Offers support to your head and neck so aids posture


  • The FREE protective cover is not machine washable
  • The cover has no zipper so the pillow can’t be customized


What Is Buckwheat?

Buckwheat is also commonly known as common buckwheat, silverhull buckwheat and Japanese buckwheat. But despite its name, it has nothing in common with wheat. It actually comes from the seeds of a plant that was first cultivated in southeast Asia thousands of years ago. The plant only flowers for two or three weeks but during this time it produces a lot of small three-sided brown seeds. The seeds themselves are highly nutritious but it is the hull of these seeds that is used in buckwheat pillows. The hull is the hard shell around the seed that is very similar to a sunflower seed. Although buckwheat has been consumed for centuries, the idea of filling a pillow with its hulls was one of the greatest inventions. Believe it or not, the Japanese have been using it in this way for centuries.

What Are Buckwheat Pillow Benefits?

There are numerous benefits to using a buckwheat pillow. We have complied a list of just a few of them to help you make a decision.

  1. It offers support to your spine as the hull moves naturally when you move your head and neck. If your spine is not aligned to your head and neck you will have posture problems.
  2. The support it offers also helps to reduce snoring. Imagine a snore free night for both you and your partner!
  3. It is resistant to dust mites and also hypoallergenic. So, this means that if you suffer from an allergy to dust you no longer need to worry.
  4. The buckwheat pillow can help relieve any chronic pains in your head or neck. This is because it offers you a better posture and prevents you from tossing and turning throughout the night. It’s especially beneficial for migraine sufferers or if you have any aches and pains in your neck.
  5. By giving you a better posture it can also help with your digestion. Digestion problems are often caused through sleeping at the wrong angle so that your food does not get processed properly.
  6. Buckwheat hulls allow the pillow to breathe, which means that you don’t wake up feeling uncomfortably hot in the night. The pillow can be microwaved for extra warmth on a cold night or put into the freezer to cool you down on those hot summer nights.
  7. Unlike a foam pillow, it doesn’t have a chemical smell unless you order one from China. The fresh fragrance it has is not overbearing and helps you to relax enough to fall asleep.


Are These Products Worth The Money?

No doubt you’ve been looking for the right product for a long time. You’ve possibly tried everything, from memory foam to feather or even polyester pillows. All to no avail.

Whether you sleep on your back or on your side, you still need something that will align your spine. Aligning your spine will help to give you relief from any aches and pains. You’ll be surprised at just how much a buckwheat pillow will be able to help you do just this.

When you consider that the Japanese have been using buckwheat in their pillows for centuries you’ll wonder why you haven’t tried one before. They believe in the therapeutic benefits of them. The main benefit is to keep a cool head. The Japanese believe that your head should be kept cool and your feet kept warm. These elements should be kept in sync to avoid such problems as insomnia, headaches or general aches and pains. By using a Japanese buckwheat pillow you’ll be sure to have found the right product.

Considering that all the above products are made of a sturdy strong fabric and filled with buckwheat hulls there’ll definitely be one in the list that suits your needs. They range in price so you’ll need to check for one that will suit your budget. As to being worth the money – isn’t being offered a good night’s sleep worth paying for?


So now you know what the benefits of these pillows are and how they are good value for money if you have sleep problems. They will give you support while at the same time keep your head and neck at the right temperature. They can help alleviate neck pains and migraine and are suitable for allergy sufferers. They can even reduce snoring. What more can you possible want from a pillow? Don’t hesitate any longer, try one out for yourself.