Best Down Pillow Reviews: Find Feather Filled Ultimate Comfort For A More Comfortable Night’s Sleep

Down Pillow ReviewHave you ever thought about how important a pillow is? You probably spent a lot of time considering which mattress to purchase. But you never thought about the fact that you also need to spend time in choosing the right pillow. Without the right pillow you won’t get that good night’s sleep that is necessary to your health. Lack of sleep can make you irritable which in turn can sour your relationships. Friends, workmates and even your partner will start losing patience with you.

Maybe you toss and turn for ages before you finally manage to get to sleep. Or else you don’t have such a problem getting to sleep, but end up waking many times throughout the night. On waking up you end up tossing and turning once more before you finally drop back off. Suddenly the alarm goes off! There’s nothing worse that the alarm going off and you have the feeling that you’ve only just fallen asleep. But there is something you can do to avoid all this.

The answer to this problem is easy. To ensure you get that good night’s sleep you need to purchase the right pillow. But be careful, just because your friends love one kind of pillow, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll be the right one for you. Now you’re thinking: ‘How do I know which is the right pillow for me?’ – You won’t know until you do some research – that means first thinking about what you actually want and then checking out what’s on offer. We consider down pillows to be an excellent choice – that is if you don’t suffer from allergies. If you do you should choose a hypoallergenic one. Actually it’s even better to buy a hypoallergenic product even if you don’t suffer. You never know who will use your pillow at some time.

No doubt you’re working from a budget, but this really is a product you shouldn’t think of pinching pennies with. When you consider that you sleep on it for around 8 hours a night 7 nights a week, you need something of quality.


Our Top 5 Best Down Pillow Recommendations

There are so many products on the market to decide from whatever kind of pillow you’re looking for. But to help you choose the right down pillow to suit your needs, we’ve reviewed some and come up a list of the five best down pillows. From the ones we’ve reviewed we consider these five to offer the best features. And they are also the best value for money. You’ll be so comfortable that you’ll fall asleep in no time and also stay asleep! That’s everyone’s dream! Now read through our down pillow reviews.


1 – Beckham Hotel Collection

If you suffer from allergies, your problem will be solved with this product. You’ll be supplied with two pillows that are mildew, mold and dust mite resistant. What’s more, being produced in the US, they are free of allergen and chemicals. Unlike many products produced in China. So if you have any respiratory problem such as asthma you’ll still be able to enjoy the comfort of down.

Filled with 100% white down, you can be sure that the welfare of the geese and ducks has been taken into consideration. They are RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certified. Also being filled with down you won’t have to worry about the quills of large cheap feathers sticking in to you in the night. The shell of the pillow is made from down proof cotton so there’ll be no loss of down through the casing either.

Although they are incredibly soft and fluffy you won’t have to worry about them loosing their shape. As it’s one of the best goose down pillows on the market, this is a product you’ll never regret buying!




  • Contains 100% white down filling
  • Covered in a 100% down proof cotton shell
  • It’s hypoallergenic
  • It has RSD certification
  • It’s made in the USA so carries a guarantee of quality


  • It needs to be fluffed up regularly
  • It’s a little expensive but you do get 2 pillows for the price


2 – Continental Bedding: 100 % Premium White Goose Down

A little bit of pampering is often just what you need. And you’ll certainly feel pampered when you lay your head on this pillow. It’s filled with 100% goose down, which is the best quality down for comfort. The shell casing is made from 100% 300-thread count cotton. This ensures that you won’t end up with a bed full of down that has escaped from your pillow! This is a must for anyone who suffers from allergies. What’s more: it’s hypoallergenic.

It only comes in queen size, which measures 20 inches by 30 inches, so you’ve got plenty of room for your head. No matter whether you sleep on your back, your stomach or your side you’ll find the comfort that you crave. It’s so soft and fluffy that it molds to your level of comfort. You can even fluff it up in the dryer should it flatten slightly during the night. You’ll soon start wondering how you ever managed to sleep without it.




  • It’s filled with 100% white goose down
  • The shell is made from 100% cotton
  • It’s suitable for back, stomach and side sleepers
  • It’s suitable if you suffer allergies as it’s hypoallergenic
  • It molds to your comfort level


  • It may flatten out during the night
  • It’s not flexible enough for some


3 – Beckham Hotel Collection: Duo Pack

As a duo pack this is ideal for couples – one for you and the other for your other half. You won’t need to worry about your partner stealing your pillow in the night then!

Being filled with a blend of feathers, down and alternative down fibers you’ll both love these pillows. What’s so special abut them? The down and feathers are contained in an inner chamber while the outer chamber contains the alternative down gel fibers.

As is important in all hotel collections, these pillows are hypoallergenic. You won’t need to put up with any allergies as they are mildew, mold, allergen and dust mite free. They don’t contain any chemicals either. The outer casing is made from 100% cotton so what with the cover and the filling you’ll get maximum comfort all night long.

The down is eve RDS certified so you’ll be sure that the ducks and geese that provided it have been treated well.




  • It’s made from a mix of down and feathers
  • The cover is made from 100% cotton
  • It’s RDS certified
  • It’s made to US standards in the USA
  • It’s hypoallergenic


  • It could be a little too hard
  • It may flatten out during the night


4 – Egyptian Bedding Goose Down Pillow

You’ll feel as if you’re sleeping on a cloud with this one. It is the best feather down pillow imaginable. With its crisp casing and fluffy, firm filling which contains 10% feathers and 90% goose down it’s a dream come true. The casing is made from 100% cotton and has a 1200 thread count. Between the filling and the casing you won’t suffer any allergic reaction. This really is a hypoallergenic product that offers support while being completely soft.

Whether you’re a back sleeper, a stomach sleeper or a side sleeper you’ll enjoy the comfort it offers you. What’s more you have a choice of 3 sizes. The Standard/Queen if you don’t like anything too big. Or you can choose the Queen Medium Firm is you want something a little firmer. But for those who like things really big, try the King size. There’s something there to suit everyone.




  • The 100% Cotton cover has a 1200 thread count
  • The filling contains 10% feathers and 90% goose down
  • The ideal product for allergy sufferers
  • It comes in 3 sizes – standard/queen, queen medium and king size
  • It’s suitable for all sleeping positions


  • It could be a little softer
  • The cover is rather crunchy


5 – LOVSOUL White Goose Down

The outer one of the three chambers in this pillow contains the goose down for extra comfort.  But the inner chambers are filled with a mixture of 90% goose feathers and goose down. This helps make the pillow comfortable while still providing you with enough support.  The advantage of the down in the outer chamber is that you won’t experience any feather quills poking through and sticking in you during the night! Also the surface will be more comfortable to lie on.

The outer casing is made from a 100% cotton fabric of superior quality. This also offers an extra cozy feeling for your head when you’re lying on it. No matter which way you sleep – back, stomach or side – you’ll find that it’s suitable for you. What’s more: it’s neither too hard nor is it too soft. It really is one of the best feather pillows. Maybe this is just the one you’ve been looking for.



  • There’s a 1000 thread count on the 100% cotton shell
  • This hypoallergenic product is ideal for allergy sufferers
  • It has a triple chamber to ensure maximum comfort
  • The 1cm stripes highlight the gradation of the pillow
  • It contains 10% goose down and 90% goose feathers


  • It isn’t squishy enough
  • It’s can be rather too flat for some people.


Feature You Should Focus On


  • Do you want a soft pillow or a firm pillow? How firm a pillow should be is different from person to person. Maybe you prefer a really firm pillow or you could be the type who likes a cozy soft one. Whether you’re looking for firm or soft one there are also different grades of firmness and softness. There’s extra firm or extra soft to consider. If you choose the wrong amount of firmness you’ll never get the rest you so badly need.
  • Should it contain a mixture of fillings or just be down filled? The pillows we’ve reviewed offer something for everyone. If you’re looking for 100% white goose down try out the Continental Bedding or the Beckham Hotel Collection. Or you could try out the Beckham Hotel Collection Duo Pack if you want a mixture of down and feathers. The Egyptian Bedding Goose Down Pillow offers a mixture of 90% down to 10% feathers while the LOVSOUL White Goose Down only has 10% down but 90% feathers. It really does all come down to a matter of personal choice.
  • Is it important that it’s hypoallergenic? The answer will definitely be ‘YES’ if you suffer from allergies. You don’t want to find the perfect pillow only to wake up with problems the first time you use it. And what you should also consider is that someone else may use your pillow at some time in the future (or will you be guarding it with your life!). You can’t guarantee that that person won’t be an allergy sufferer.
  • How important is it that it’s been RDS certified? RDS stands for Responsible Down Standard. This certification guarantees that the geese and ducks that supply the down are treated well. You’d possibly have nightmares if you slept on a product that was filled with down from an animal that had been badly treated. So consider this point if you’re an animal lover (or even if you’re not!).
  • Do you want a choice of sizes? Some of the products mentioned only come in one size. Others offer a choice of sizes – basically they are standard, queen and king. Again this is a personal choice but you don’t want to find that you really like a product but it doesn’t come in your preferred size. It won’t help to buy a product that isn’t in your preferred size as that won’t help you to the


Before you actually purchase your new pillow you need to consider all the above factors. This will prevent you wasting your money in buying the wrong product. Nothing is worse than eagerly awaiting the product you’ve ordered only to be totally disappointed in it. So spending some time considering what you want and checking out what the market offers is definitely not time wasted. You’ll be thankful after that good night’s sleep.

The pillows we’ve checked out are suitable for all kinds of sleepers – back, stomach and side sleepers. They’re also all hypoallergenic. So there really should be one amongst them that is just what you’ve been looking for.