What’s the Best Back-Sleeper Pillow?
For the Support You Need In Bed

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Different sleep schedules, length of sleep and different positions are just a few of the ways that individuals vary with sleep. Every individual has a specific sleeping position that is most suitable for them and that they are most comfortable sleeping in. While sleeping is meant to rejuvenate the body to feel energized again, many back-sleepers end up tossing and turning in bed during the night, only to wake up sore and stiff. Comfort is a key element to being able to achieve the best night’s rest.


One of the biggest problems with sleeping, however, is that it can often leave you feeling sore and restless, rather than rejuvenated, which is why we have trialled, tested and reviewed a lot of products to take the work away from you.

Pain can occur most commonly in the neck, shoulders and you'll often hear these people complain about a bad back. The biggest cause for pain that occurs from sleeping is due to the way pressure is applied to the posterior when sleeping in different positions. If you are using a pillow that does not provide the greatest support for these types of sleepers, it can cause pressure that is applied on the neck and spine, resulting in stiffness after a night’s supposed "rest". Another cause of pain for back-sleepers is the misalignment of the spine. The misalignment of the spine can create pain and discomfort and may keep them up all night. This can lead to other problems, like improper blood flow. The biggest reason pressure and spine misalignment occur is because of using pillows that are not the right support for back-sleepers. 

So, let's get started by introducing our top 3 best pillows for back-sleepers and see if any of them are suitable for you. ​

Our Reviews of the 3 Best Pillows for Back-Sleepers



Z Zoned Memory Foam






Cushy Form

1. Z Zoned Memory Foam

The Z Zoned pillow is sectioned into different zones, which provide different levels of support, and we couldn't wait to review it. The different levels or firmness or looseness on the cushion work to relieve pressure that is applied to the head and lumbar, which is recommended for back-sleepers. It allows heads to rest seamlessly without causing any pain to wake up to in the morning. We like this product because it comes with a specially design cooling component to ensure it will remain at a perfect temperature all night long and prevent the constant flipping over of the pillow to obtain optimal temperature. It also features a velour cover that offers the most comfort, while also allowing for easy cleaning, due to its washable nature. This cushion is offered in three different sizes: king, queen and standard. It also comes in three different loft heights, to meet the needs of different framed back-sleepers. The right height allows you to rest without pain. The high, mid and low loft accommodate the different sizes of shoulder and neck length so that every individual will find this back pillow for sleeping provides the best night’s rest and pain relief for back-sleepers.

2. Beautyrest Extra Firm 

The Beautyrest pillow is best for back-sleepers or side sleepers. It works to provide the right support and comfort for the neck and spine. Its design and extra firm material relieves pressure on the neck and spine to prevent these types of sleepers from waking up to a stiff and sore back the next morning. Along with the extra firm material, it employs a 2-inch gusset that maintains the pillows loft. The loft is what is responsible for reaching a certain height for people who have special needs, that provides optimal support. Our favorite thing about this cushion is that it provides support and comfort. 400 count threads and 100% prima cotton fabric is used to ensure the product is soft. It also contains Naturesloft fiberfill, which allows the pillow to maintain the cool temperature throughout the night. This headrest is durable and will be able to last years, without losing its firmness or height from the loft. It is designed with the most comfort and support in mind, to ensure a pain free, good nights rest. 

3. Cushy Form Half Moon Bolster 

We recommend the Cushy Form Half-Moon bolster for back-sleepers to be used in addition to a pillow at the head. It has a multi-purpose use and can be placed under the ankles, legs, or between the knees. It can even be used when sitting to provide lumbar support for the back. Many medical benefits can be provided, using this cushion. Placing it under the ankles works well to reduce varicose veins and placing it under the legs, helps to restore the alignment of the spine to reduce pain, created by pressure to the spine. For this reason, many professionals, like Chiropractors, Physical Therapists and Doctors, recommend this type of pillow as the smart choice to use for this group. It is created using a two-layer technique that provides maximum durability. Unlike other products, proper foam won’t shrink over time, which lessens the height on the loft so it is no longer optimal for a good nights rest. Instead, the two-layer design implements a hard and resilient base component with comfortable memory foam on the top where the head lies. 

Why You Need a Good Pillow if You're a Back-Sleeper

The main cause for neck and posterior pain from sleeping is the use of an improper pillow. Back-sleepers require a specific products that offers the most support for the spine and neck. The purpose of creating our reviews is so that we can give you all the information about the product features and our experiences with them, so that you can make a decision without even having to touch the product.

Without this right product, it causes stiffness and pain to the spine that makes people feel uncomfortable all day long. It can also prevent a good night’s rest, so the body does not have the proper amount of time to regenerate cells and energy, leaving it exhausted all day long. With an exhausted body, it will not be able to perform its best. If you want to put the pain behind you, then investing in the proper pillow for your back will do the trick.

Having a high quality pillow will help to reduce the stress on the body and hence, allow it to decrease the pain that outcomes from poor support. Cushions that offer support for back-sleepers, on the neck and spine, will help to relieve the pressure that is placed on it. Keeping your spine in proper alignment is important, too. If you are sleeping with the wrong product, it will cause the spine to remain misaligned throughout the night. Perhaps a headrest too low will leave the neck slumping backwards, while one that is too tall will arch it too much forward, which can cause reduced airflow, too. This will cause strain to the soft tissues and joints that are in the middle of the back all the way up to the neck. This is the biggest cause of posterior pain. The top-rated pillow for bed will allow for the alignment of the spine to prevent this pain from occurring again.

So if you are looking for pillows for your back then I would suggest you read the full version of our reviews below.​

How to Choose the Right Back-Sleeper Pillow:

Back-sleepers have specific needs and it's important to keep them in mind when your shopping for your next pillow. Before going on the hunt, you really need to have an idea of the different options in features when it comes to cushions. Things like the height, softness or loft are just a few things that you need to think about for your style of sleep. 

Here's a few little things to look out for when you're buying your next cushion. ​

1. Firmness

Finding a bed back pillow that has optimal firmness is subjective to a sleeper's own taste. Not everyone will find the firmness of the headrest to be the same. It is recommended to look for a product that is firmly-firm to prevent the head from sinking in. A firm cushion will support the neck, rather than letting it slump back into the pillow. ​

2. Height

A pillow that fits your head perfectly is important. This will vary because of the different structures, so it is best to find one that fits your head perfectly. A cushion should not be too tall because it will crane the head forward too much, which can cause breathing problems, too. It also should not be too short because it will slump the head to the rear and put too much pressure on the back of the neck, resulting in stiffness or back pain. A product that is the perfect height will align the spine from the head to the tailbone.


3. Extra Loft

The loft of the pillow is what allows the neck to best fit into it. It supports the neck to allow it to rest on the surface without any added pressure. We find that an extra loft allows the product to cradle the neck perfectly, so the head, neck and spine will be properly supported for back-sleepers.

4. Softness

The softness of a cushion is crucial for both comfort and support of sleepers. Pillows that are too soft for these people will cause the head to sink too far in. Instead, the product should be just soft enough to cradle and form around the neck.

​Obviously everybody is different, but for back-sleepers, a mix of firm and soft is recommended. 


5. Multipurpose

There are contour pillows out there that allow them to be used in multiple ways. It is recommended by professionals that an additional cushion placed under the knees will help back-sleepers by keeping the spine aligned throughout the night. Some products can also offer lumbar support during the day while sitting in chairs.

​6. Memory Foam

​The materials that the pillows are made with can be a key component in reducing back pain from sleeping. Materials like down are too light and soft for this minority, so it won’t support the neck properly. Memory foam, on the other hand, can mold and form to the shape of the head and spine throughout the night. This is important because it give it the ability to reduce pressure points throughout the head and spin, resulting in a comfortable night’s rest.

7. Durability/Best Quality

Finding a pillow that is long lasting is also important for back-sleepers. Memory foam can sometimes deflate after only a few uses if it is not good quality. The deflation of the foam presents a problem for the height or loft of the headrest. It will no longer sit the way it is meant to, so the head will no longer be supported properly. Finding a foam cushion that does not deflate and will last for years without causing the pain to return.

Cushion Fight

8. Support

The best pillows for back problems will follow the natural curvature of the spine to allow it to remain aligned all night long and prevent pain from occurring. It will also support the head and neck properly to prevent it from becoming strained and stiff the next morning.

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Pillows are not a “one size fits all” product. Since everyone is created uniquely, it is safe to say that our bodies have different needs. Depending on preferred sleeping position, body frame size, body measurement and other factors, the product that is perfect for a good night’s rest will vary.

Not only do physical body measurements matter, but your perception also impacts whether the pillow is right for you. When determining the ideal firmness and comfort of the cushion, it may be perfect for one, while too firm for another. Keeping this in mind, there are products built to satisfy most back-sleepers by offering different varieties of these characteristics. It’s important to find a pillow for sleeping on your back, that offers the right amount of support for the neck and spine, while also having the right amount of comfort. Sleeping with the proper headrest can also reduce other medical problem you may be experiencing, like varicose veins or snoring. These things will provide a great night’s rest for this group of people. If you are apart of this group, here are some of the best pillows for sleeping on your back we recommend, that are sure to give you a good night’s sleep.

Final Thoughts: Which One is Right For You

It is imperative to find a pillow that works for you as a back-sleeper. If you are up all night tossing and turning in bed because you can’t get comfortable, then you are not allowing the body to regenerate the energy it needs to be healthy. Lack of proper rest can lead to various other health problems, so finding the right product that creates optimal comfort is crucial. The wrong pillow can lead to back pain and stiffness for a back-sleeper. This is typically because the head and neck aren’t properly supported, or the spine is misaligned. These problems can be easily solved by just using the cushion properly.

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One that has the proper height and firmness to prevent the neck from falling forwards or backwards during the night can keep it from becoming stiff. A cushion that forms to the natural curvature of the neck and spine will allow it to minimize the number of pressure points created and instead, back-sleepers can lie seamlessly into it like it is floating on a cloud. Investing in the proper pillows is the simplest way to allow your body to get the rest it needs all night long.

I hope you have found the cushion of your dreams after reading this review. However, if not, then I suggest you head back to our homepage to take another look at the list of top-rated products. 

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