What’s the Best Pillow for Neck-Pain?
How to Get Firm & Reliable Support

Neck Pain

Waking up in the morning with a sore, with a stiff neck is just a sign that you have a long and painful day ahead of you. It’s easy to write off the occasional pain in the morning here and there as having merely “slept wrong” but when this pain begins to become a pattern, it might be time to find the real culprit.

Most people sleep somewhere around 8 hours a day. That’s a long time to trust the safety of your head, neck, back and spine alignment to a flimsy and unreliable pillow. Having a superior product may seem like an inconsequential aspect of your sleeping routine, but you might be surprised what a difference it can make to have a high-quality pillow in your arsenal of tools that helps with a deep and comfortable sleep all night long.

If you're on the hunt to find something that's going to help you get rid of the neck ache and get a good nights sleep, then I would suggest you keep reading. This article will highlight what you need to look for when shopping for a cushion for your specific needs and we're even going to point you in the right direction of where you can find them at the best price. ​

So without further adieu, here is our top 3 pillows for chronic neck-pain so you can get relief from those aches and pains today. ​

Our Review of the 3 Best Neck Pillows



Coop Hypoallergenic






Xtreme Comforts

1. Coop Hypoallergenic 

Coop Hypoallergenic Review

This therapeutic forward neck posture pillow is our favorite on the market because it has the best versatility of features, and manufactured by a chiropractic team. It’s customizable, hypoallergenic and made in the USA. Made with no harmful chemicals and of course, the Coop Hypoallergenic Pillow eliminates head and back pain resulting from the fact that it helps with proper alignment and posture while you sleep. This special orthopedic pillow is extremely comfortable and lends itself seamlessly to your unique sleep patterns, whatever it might be. This one is our favorite option when it comes to cushions to help with the pain because it is the right option for a wide variety of sleeping habits. Some products are ideal for those who sleep in a specific position, like if their cushion soft or firm and more. This pillow, however, is the ideal one for fulfilling any person’s unique preferences. There is certainly no such thing as a one-size-fits-all product when it comes to finding the best option to reduce tension on the neck, but this is certainly the closest solution available.

2. Snuggle-Pedic 

Snuggle-Pedic Review

We love the Snuggle-Pedic Pillow for having the right balance of different elements to yield the best results that help users wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated every morning, without any neck-pain they had experienced with the previous products they had used. This is a larger, firmer and thicker pillow for posture, ideal for those who like having that type of cushion for the optimal comfort level and want to keep their posture straight throughout the night. It provides proper support regardless of the sleep position you prefer and it stays in good condition for years to come without going flat. In addition, it hits all the most important points of a high-quality product to prevent neck-pain. It’s made in the USA without harmful chemicals, hypoallergenic and manufactured from memory foam that will never go flat. The machine washable product is cool for anyone who likes it firm. We’ve given it a more thorough review as well to help you determine if it is the right one for you.

3. Xtreme Comforts Hypoallergenic Bamboo 

Hypoallegenic Bamboo

This is a good pillow to prevent neck-pain and has all the necessities you need to help live a pain-free life and have the energy necessary from a good night’s sleep to take on life to the best of your ability. Hypoallergenic, made in the USA without heavy metals or chemicals that could potentially be harmful to the health of the user, this is a high-quality product you can feel safe to rest your head on for 8 hours a day. The machine washable memory foam holds its form for years to come, so you know you can get a long lifetime of use out of this product as well without it going flat and needing to be replaced in only a few short months. We think that the Xtreme Comforts Hypallergenic Bamboo Pillow is a great headrest for anyone in search of something basic to help them get through the night without experiencing agonizing pain. Check out our complete review to learn more about what is the right pillows for neck problems and how a good cushion can be like therapy for your body. 

Why Do You Need a Good Neck Pillow?

Certain high-quality pillows are best for people with spinal problems because they are made specifically to help keep your head and back properly aligned, thus eliminating the agony so many people experience after a restless night of sleep. Most products do not provide the proper support you need and whether you feel comfortable or not, if your neck is screaming at you in the morning, your cushion is likely the culprit. With a quality product that promotes proper alignment, however, the difference you will feel in the morning is noticeable and incredible.

Stack of cushions

Many people think that their aching necks in the morning are a result of their sleeping position. Many are under the impression that if they could just manage to sleep comfortably on their back, or in many other positions, that their pain would go away. However, you should be able to sleep in the position that you are most comfortable in without your body screaming at you in the morning for it and you would be able to if you had the right pillow for your needs. Whether you are a back, stomach, or side sleeper, your cushion should align with what makes you feel comfortable, not the other way around.

Instead of waking up in the morning feeling groggy and in pain, suffering from headaches and migraines, it is possible to rise and shine, feeling rejuvenated, well rested and ready to take on the world. In many cases, all it takes is a proper pillow that's right for you. To make the changes you need to in your sleeping patterns to feel and act your best, consider buying a product particularly for neck-pain to help you get through the night seamlessly and wake up feeling ready to seize the day. Take control of your sleeping patterns today by finding the proper headrest that most suits you.

What are the Benefits?

Having the best neckpillow designed to keep your head in an optimal position during sleep makes a significant difference in the amount of strain your body experiences during the hours in which you are asleep. This does not only mean that you will feel more refreshed and be in less pain upon waking, but it can also result in deeper sleep, undisturbed by the need to toss and turn throughout the night, flip over your pillow repeatedly and more, according to most reviews.

Getting a decent product for your spinal needs, will promote proper alignment while you sleep, whether you are a back, side, or stomach sleeper. This type of product is designed to reduce and eliminate neck-pain are ideal for any sleep position and lend themselves to whatever makes you the most comfortable and gives you the longest and deepest sleep.

Girl laying on side

Through our reviews, we have found that these products listed below for neck-pain are extremely versatile and can suit nearly anyone’s preferences. These products are suitable for people who like firm or soft options, a thicker pillow or a thinner one, a big product or a small one, something ideal for any sleep position, or even someone that has an injury, or has recently undergone surgery. The most important aspect of products that are designed to help address the issue of spinal problems is now how firm or thick it is but, rather, how it keeps your body aligned during sleep. After all, 8 hours a day is a long time to let your body remain stationary in a funky position, so it’s no surprise at all that your neck is screaming at you when you wake up in the morning if you did not have it properly aligned. Not only that, but you want to make sure that your shoulders are comfortable and not in a position that puts more strain on your neck or keeps it in an unfavorable position. For this reason, another benefit of having a custom product for these reasons is that it will give you the shoulder support you need.

How to Choose the Right Neck Pillow:

If you have problems with neck-pain, then you probably know how hard it can be to get comfortable in bed at night, trying to drift off while you're experiencing burning pain. If you're not getting the sleep you deserve and you're constantly waking up stiff and groggy, then you need to listen up. 

Because we're about to break down what you need to look for when you're shopping for your new cushion, because you need to fix this problem immediately. Educate yourself, then head to our reviews to check out which brand is best for you. ​

1. Material

A good piece of material makes all the difference, so don't settle for bad quality. In your quest for the best pillow for neck and shoulder pain, you’re going to want to pay considerable attention to the material it is made from. A high-quality memory foam product is great if you are looking for the most superior option around. While other options may have a satisfactory result in helping to reduce the pain, nothing will get the job done quite like memory foam. Memory foam is undoubtedly the most popular option on the market.

2. Consistency

When choosing a product to reduce your neck-pain, you’re going to want one that isn’t lumpy. This will have a lot to do with the stuffing that’s inside. If it’s a memory foam product, lumpiness could be the result of chunkily shredded memory foam stuffing. If you want the best, smoothest pillow, you should be in search for one that is finely shredded so you aren’t wasting any of your precious sleeping time wrestling with a curved or lumpy headrest. 

Lost in Sleep

3. Thick or Thin

Depending on whether you are a back, side, or stomach sleeper, you may like your pillow thick or thin. Thick cushions like a big military neck pillow are good for some people’s comfort level, while others might prefer a thinner option like a small neck pillow to give them the most support and reduce the pain. Some pillows are even adjustable, allowing you to open it up and take out some of the stuffing for a fully customized product that perfectly matches your preferences for the thickness you are looking for, giving you the best results and the least neck-pain possible after waking up. A medium of the two is always a good option. 

4. No Chemicals


You spend about 8 hours a day with your head on your pillow, that’s a long time to be breathing in dangerous or potentially harmful chemicals, particularly if you are especially sensitive. A lot of cushions for neck-pain are free of harmful chemicals and heavy metals, ensuring it is the safest pillow for you to rest your head on all night long.

5. Manufacturing Location

The quality of the product you end up getting may have a lot to do with where it was manufactured. A lot of the top pillows for neck-pain are all manufactured in the USA, so if you want to find the best quality product on the market, it’s a good idea to consider whether it has been manufactured in the USA.

5. Hypoallergenic

If you suffer from allergies, finding a hypoallergenic option is a must-have. Hypoallergenic pillows tend to be memory foam and dust mites cannot live in memory foam, thus making them a hypoallergenic option. Even if you do not have allergies, having a hypoallergenic cushion is always a good option because you wouldn’t want to rest your head on something for 8 hours a day that might have harmful elements to it.


6. Customizable

Some of the products you find have customizable elements to them, such as allowing you to adjust the amount of filling that goes inside so you can adjust how thick or thin the pillow depending on the degree of pain you are in. Aspects such as this help to make sure that you can be comfortable with the cushion regardless of what your preferences are.

7. Doesn't Go Flat

Feathers on Bed

You don’t want a pillow for neck-pain that is going to go flat after just a few short months of use. However, this is an unfortunate reality for many of these products on the market today. The headrest will feel amazing at first and you’ll be sleeping deeply and comfortably, but all too soon, it will go flat and become uncomfortable. You’ll want to find a product where this will not be the case and that will stay fluffy and comfortable for the long run to help you relax.

8. Machine Washable

Having a product that is machine washable is very important to keep your pillow clean and to let it last for the long haul. This is especially true because about 15 minutes in the dryer every couple of months to keep it fluffy and in its original condition can help it last for the long haul without declining in quality.

9. Promotes Proper Neck and Back Alignment

Of course, the most important part of a pillow intended to help relieve neck-pain is that it needs to promote proper spinal and cervical alignment. The problem with most cushions that causes people to suffer from pains in their head and backs is the fact that they do not promote good sleep positions that reduce the tension and pressure placed on the neck throughout the night. 

I once had a friend that suffered from arthristis and had a bulging disc in his neck, and it wasn't until he got the right product for his problems did he get a decent nights sleep.​

Women Stretching

So, look for specific types of products for you're needs, particularly if you're current cushion is causing you pain.

Final Summary: Which One is Right For You?

Back of Head

If you’ve been having problems with neck-pain, the right thing to do moving forward is to try the proper cushions designed to eliminate pain and see what it can do to help you. Spending the entire night sleeping on a cheap product, night after night, can end up having disastrous results that cause a lot of discomfort. Try to roll out some cushions for neck-pain on your bed that provide you the support your neck needs and see what a difference it can make today. Compare some of the leading products in our reviews selection to discover what is the best pillow for neck and back pain in your unique situation and get rid of these problems today.

For more information on other types of the top-rated pillows on the market head to our homepage. ​

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