What’s the Best Pregnancy Pillow?
Full-Body Support for Pregnant Women

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Getting a good night’s sleep is important for everyone, but it is especially important while pregnant., since growing a new life requires a lot of energy as your body adjusts to make room for your baby. Unfortunately, however, many women have a difficult time falling asleep and staying asleep while pregnant, as babies tend to do summersaults in the middle of the night and play around with your circadian clock. This can cause you to toss and turn in your sleep and wake up feeling groggy and simply not your best.

If you're pregnant and this sleep difficulty sounds familiar, you might not be using the right cushion. The best maternity sleep pillows are specifically designed to meet the needs of pregnant ladies as their bodies undergo changes. The most popular pregnancy and nursing cushions offers important support that can help you fall asleep in a comfortable position and stay asleep throughout the night. In addition, their unique designs mold to your body, providing ergonomic and orthopedic support that can help align your spine, belly and hips.

To ensure that both you and your baby are getting the proper sleep and energy that you need, I would strongly consider reading this full review to figure out which one you should be buying for that full night sleep that you've been dreaming of. 

So let's meet the 3 most top-rated products on the market. ​

Our Review of the 3 Best-Rated Pregnancy Pillows






Web Linens



Leachco Snoogle

1. PharMedoc 

PharMedoc Product Review

The ParMedoc pregnancy pillow is by far the most popular body pillow for pregnant women for very good reason, and there is no reason why you should settle for cheap quality. Similar to the concept of U-shaped pregnancy pillows, the PharMeDoc is a C-shaped design, making it a great shape for side sleepers. No need to wonder how to use this product, just hop into whatever position makes you feel comfortable and feel free to move around. This product molds perfectly to your body’s curves, making it easy to get into the most comfortable snoozing position and stay there throughout the night. In addition, the full-body orthopedic support that this pregnacy pillow offers can help alleviate strain on your muscles and joints to prevent pregnancy aches, spinal stenosis, herniated discs and other conditions.

Beyond support, these items are extremely comfortable as the plush inner cushion is a great combination of soft and firm. The flexible design allows you to fold and twist this cushion so that you can prop it below your upper back, wedge it between your legs, tuck it below your baby bump, or use it for a variety of other positions. Hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant and free of lead and latex, this pregnancy cushion is designed with the well-being of all mothers in mind. 

2. Web Linens 

Web Liners Product Review

U-shaped pillows are the most popular shape for pregnancy support as they hug your body on both sides, offering even support, allowing you're body to sink into the hole of the pillow. The inner cut out of the Web Linens cushion is ergonomically designed to hug your body’s curve and provide the best support to your back and belly. In addition, the long size of this maternity body pillow allows you to wedge it between your legs, to cool your body and align your hips.

Compared to the PharMedoc, this cushion is a bit flatter, which may be an advantage depending on your preference. Despite being thinner, the inner cushion of this product is perfectly formulated with a medium fluffiness that offers ideal soft comfort and firm support at the same time. This pillow also features an unzippable cover that is machine washable for added convenience. Because of it's U-shaped figure, it's big enough to support you even if you're carrying twins.

3. Leachco Snoogle 

Leachco Product Review

Designed by a mother and registered nurse, the Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow for pregnant ladies is also rated as one of the best by women who love to snoogle. Like the PharMedoc pillow, the Leachco pregnancy pillow also features a unique C-shaped design which is orthopedically engineered to align your spine and hips to prevent backache and joint pain. The C-shape makes this pregnancy noodle cushion ideal for side sleepers as you can snuggle into it and even wedge the neck of the pillow between your legs to cool your body; however, its flexible design can easily be adjusted to fit a wide range of positions. Compared to other products, this one is softer than most, making it great for moms who are looking for a fluffy pillow for pregnancy to get them into a dreamy sleep. 

Why Do You Need a Good Maternity Pillow?

Sleep is often considered a hot commodity by pregnant women, especially as they reach their second and third trimester. With the best pregnancy body pillow, however, a good night’s sleep can be part of your nightly routine, giving your body a chance to rest and regenerate the energy that it needs for the day ahead. Our reviews breaks down all the major benefits of investing in a good pregnancy support pillow and how they can help you fall into a deep sleep.

Optimal Comfort

Many women swear that cushions specifically for pregnancy are the key to sleeping peacefully during these delicate stage. Their innovative designs and full-body size can hug your curves in the right places, acting as a wedge that makes it easy to get into the perfect sleeping position and stay there. When you're pregnant and you're a stomach sleeper, life can be tough. C and U-shaped pregnancy pillows are especially popular and considered by many the best, as they hug your body on either size, allowing you to snuggle into your cushion while supporting your muscles and joints. The fluffiness of these pillows is also carefully formulated for pregnant women, offering soft comfort that can put you into a dreamy sleep, while being firm enough to give your body the support that it needs.

Orthopedic Support

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While one of the major benefits of these products is being able to sleep comfortably, which isn’t a small feat. The best pregnancy pillow online doesn’t only offer comfort. It also offers important orthopedic support that can help prevent muscle and joint ache, back pain, heartburn and other forms of discomfort related to pregnancy. For example, U-shaped memory foam pregnancy body pillows offer full body support, elevating the upper back to prevent back and neck ache, hugging the natural curve of your growing tummy and fitting between your legs to keep your hips aligned with your spine. This support also ensures that your body remains in the best sleeping position throughout the night to minimize the pressure on your uterus and promote healthy blood flow.

Hygienic and Versatile

Finally, pregnancy sleep pillows can be a great investment that will offer utility throughout maternity and beyond. While prego, the flexible shapes of these cushions can help you get into any comfortable resting position, whether it be sleeping on your side, reading a book while lying flat, or sliding under you baby bump to provide support while you are sitting. In addition, after giving birth these cushions can continue to be enjoyed by you and your baby as they can be placed on the floor for your baby to snuggle with. And to ensure that your sleeping pillows for pregnancy is always clean, the good ones are made from organic materials and come with a featured zip off cover that can be thrown into the washing machine. This allows you to use your pillow again and again, even for future pregnancies. 

How to Choose the Right Pillow for Pregnant Women:

When it comes to what is right for you and your baby during pregnancy, it can be a confusing time for many women. Because everybody has their own opinion for what is best when it comes to nurturing your womb and the amount of information available can feel overwhelming. Getting plenty of rest is probably one of the major things women carrying need to maintain, however this can be harder said then done, when you're laying on a humongous belly that's the size of a watermelon. 

Now tell me how you're suppose to sleep then smarty pants.

So, we have come up with a small list of features to look out for when you're shopping for your next maternity cushion. Because we know how much of a big decision this can be for any women. ​

1. Shape

Many full-body pregnancy pillows feature unconventional yet innovative shapes, like C (donut) shapes and U-shapes and V shapes, which are designed to fit the natural curvature of your body, baby bump included. In fact, C and U-shaped cushions are considered the best shapes, which is why our top-rated pregnancy pillow reviews exclusively feature these designs. These products offer support on both sides of your body, preventing you from tossing and turning throughout the night. These shapes also hug your body in all the right places, giving extra support to your neck, belly and back.

Pregnant Belly

2. Flexible Design

One of the greatest things about C and U-shaped pillows is that they can often be twisted, folded and otherwise adjusted to fit different needs. For example, good products will offer support whether you are sleeping on your side, laying on your back, or relaxing in any other position. Many cushions can also be tucked between the knees, propped under or above your baby bump and even used after you deliver for both you and your baby.

3. Hypoallergenic & Dust Mite Resistant


Many women experience sensitivity to certain allergens while pregnant, which is why investing in a pregnancy pillow that is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant is a huge plus. These products are often made from the best quality and most delicate materials, avoiding the chance of irritation to keep both you and your boppy baby as peaceful and comfy as possible. 100% cotton or cotton and polyester blends are likely the best materials to search for as they are very soft, delicate and easy to clean.

4. Full-Body Support

One important quality of the top-rated pregnancy body pillow is that it offers orthopedic support that your body needs. Often during pregnancy, women will wake with joint and muscle pain from having slept in the wrong position. To reduce this discomfort, many pregnancy cushions are full-body sized, with innovative shapes that align your spine, hips and belly during the night by hugging your body on either side.

5. Cooling

Some cushions can also be used as cooling agents, giving you a refreshing sensation that is instantly relaxing and can sooth pregnancy heat flashes. If you are prone to overheating throughout the night, you can try to wedge part of your pillow between your legs to cool your body temperature. Products that feature this cooling factor always receive a higher review because it is much more comfortable to sleep on a fresh cushion.

Ice Blocks

6. Unzippable Cover

Many do not consider this quality when they are searching for a good product, but finding a pregnancy pillow with an unzippable cover can make your life a lot easier when it comes time to clean your cushion. A good pregnancy pillow is one that anticipates the washing needs of its owner. Being able to easily unzip your pregnancy pillow cover and toss it in the washing machine can ensure that your cushion remains clean of any dust or allergens as well as clean off any stains. In fact, all the top- rated maternity body pillows in our review feature unzippable covers because they are good for easy cleaning.

Final Summary: Which One is Right For You?

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If there is ever a time in your life to invest in the best pillow for pregnancy, it is while you are pregnant. To promote the health of both you and your baby, it is important to stay energized and treat your body to a fully night’s sleep. However, this can be easier said than done for many pregnant women who suffer from insomnia or wake up with backaches because they lack the right cushion to support their changing bodies. With the right maternity pillow, however, the unique shape can help you get into a comfortable position and stay there. This can prevent restless tossing and turning that will irritate both you and your baby, causing you to lose sleep. 

Our best pregnancy pillows reviews will help you uncover what type is right for you. Once your baby is born there will be plenty of time for sleepless nights, but while you are pregnant you should take advantage and snooze at anytime you like. Growing a life can be taxing on your body, as you must split your energy between you and your baby. For this reason, it is important that you get as much sleep as possible while pregnant and that you sleep in the right position as to not place added strain on your body. The top-rated maternity pillows can completely change the way that you sleep while pregnant, giving you the comfort and support that both you and your baby need for a deep and refreshing sleep.

If you want to go back and read our other best pillow reviews​ one more time before making a decision, then just head to our homepage. 

However, if you've decided that you won't settle for anything less than the top-rated pregnancy pillow on the market and you're looking for where to buy the PharMedoc pregnancy pillow on sale, click here for a discounted price.