What’s the Best Pillow for a Side-Sleeper?
Say Goodbye to Shoulder Pain

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It always seems more challenging for consumers to find the perfect side pillow that satisfies all their needs. You can find all types of different cushions whether it's for travel, pregnancy or back pain, however, finding a supportive cushion for side sleeping is definitely far more challenging. If you are on the hunt to find out what are the best pillows for stomach and side-sleepers, then you're in luck because we have done the homework for you, because our team have made it a mission to trial and test just about every product on the market and reveal the top-rated products. This way everybody gets a proper nights rest.  

Obtaining comfort is a key factor for choosing the right pillows. The products we have found have proven to deliver ultimate comfort for the neck giving you a full nights rest. We selected three of the most popular pillows for side-sleepers to ensure you choose the one that suits your needs. So, say good-bye to those long nights staring at the ceiling and tend to your side sleeping needs with our pillow reviews.

So if you're wondering what is the best pillow for a side-sleeper, take a look at our top 3 rated products and see if any are the right choice for you. 

Our Reviews of the 3 Best Pillow For Side-Sleepers



Iso Cool Memory Foam




My Pillow Premium Series

My Pillow 



Good Life Essentials

Good Life Essentials

1. Iso-Cool Memory Foam 

Iso-Cool Review

Iso-cool provides the most comfort for side-sleepers. It is not only effective, but extremely comfortable providing supreme support. Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillows are made from 100% cotton, providing a comfortable and hypoallergenic material. The visco-elastic foam fills in the spots of pressure and its gusseted design creates the best comfort. You will rest well throughout the night by avoiding any discomfort with body temperature. This product is made with microscopic beads that sense whether the body is too cold or hot, which causes it to absorb or let out heat to adapt to your body. The make of this cushion is ultimately for side-sleepers because the foam provides ideal support for the neck and warmth to relieve any pain, but is also unbelievably soft because of the 100% cotton material. 

2. My Pillow Premium Series 

My Pillow Review

This pillow is increasingly gaining popularity among side-sleepers for delivering the best comfort in every area with a great all-around feel. The My Pillow Premium Series is the top choice when you have ultimately given up on obtaining the right product because it will prevent those restless nights from ever happening again. This quality cushion has a 2-inch sidewall that helps with head discomfort or neck pain while you snooze, providing your head and neck full support. The washable and dryable material is an added luxury to the My Pillow, because it guarantees that it will not become flat and still give you the most support you need. Also, with the patented 3-piece interlocking fill, you can adjust it to meet your needs and the product will not become flat or lose its shape. The My Pillow Premium Series promises bedtime will be uninterrupted, delivering you the rejuvenating rest you deserve.

3. Good Life Essentials 

Good Life Review

The Good Life Essentials Pillow is the best hibernation aid made with shredded memory foam, which is the reason for its popularity. This kind of foam cradles the head comfortably and will mold into any shape at your convenience. The shredded foam has an orthopedic benefit that promotes a supportive neck alignment that will decrease movement while you rest and relieve neck or head pain. This product produces ideal comfort for side-sleepers by delivering durability and support. It can also assist those with sleeping issues such as insomnia, allergies, TMJ, neck and back pain and snoring. The shredded foam creates adequate airflow to help with an uncomfortable night. An added plus to The Good Life Essentials pillow is the 50% bamboo material. Bamboo creates the most breathable material, smooth feel and helps prevent allergies. The Good Life Essentials pride themselves on being #1 on the market. If you are looking for a side-sleeper pillow that have all the benefits in one, this is probably the right one for you.

Why Do You Need a Good Side-Sleeper Pillow?

For a side-sleeper, a good knee and neck pillow will promote comfort and provide relief. It’s important to take care of the neck because of the position you are in, which is why having the right cushion is important. Good products will assist breathing and reduce any type of neck pain caused from the sleeping position. It provides support and cushion to the area that helps keep the vertebrae lined properly, which will significantly decrease many pains, aches and any adverse symptoms. Having the right cushion does not only aid getting a full nights rest, but plays a role in supporting the structures of the neck, head, shoulders, hips and spine. Especially for side-sleepers, the neck and shoulder are most affected. These pillows will serve to make sure the upper body is in alignment throughout the night for relieving any pressure and counterbalancing points. They also adjust to fit anyone’s unique shape and curves, to alleviate any pressure points. The benefits of having the best cushion for your particular style, make sure you will have a full and un-disruptive night. 

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How to Choose the Right Side-Sleeper Pillow:

Side sleeping can be a tricky position, because the weight you keep on one side, can lead to aches in the morning, which is why if you are one of these people, its important to find the proper pillow you need that can give you the proper support. 

So, we thought we would make it easy for you by compiling a list of key features to look out for when you're shopping for your next cushion. It will save you from waking up stiff in the mornings, you can thank us later. ​

1. Support

Support is listed first because it the first quality to look for when buying the best side-sleeper pillows that fits your needs. It is important because these sleepers are prone to more neck and cervical problems and broad shoulder pains. Consequently, side-sleepers will need to look for products that are more thick and firm than other cushions. It is vital to select a firmer pillow to avoid neck pain or relieve existing neck pain. Due to the position of the neck of a side-sleeper, the product you choose needs to support the upper body so it is in alignment throughout the night to relieve any pressure and counterbalancing points.

2. Heat

Heat is an added quality you might want to consider when purchasing a quality side-sleeper pillows. Heat is the best aid to the neck relief aspect of the cushon because heat relaxes and soothes the neck. There should be no reason you must change your desired position because of neck pain when it can easily be helped with the purchase of the right products. So, if you suffer from extreme neck pain from laying on your side, look for pillows that will generate heat through Microscopic PCM beads to absorb or release heat.


3. Memory Foam

Memory foam can form to the shape or curve of the body, providing the most support and comfort for the arches and spaces between the neck and head. Not only is it helpful to provide support for the neck, but also memory foam is the ideal form of comfort. If obtaining maximum comfort is your problem, then you want to look for a side-sleeper pillow with quality memory foam. If you are looking to purchase foam pillows, look for the shredded foam because it provides a custom mold and is the ultimate comfort for your needs. This orthopedic benefit promotes proper neck alignment to reduce movement during the night, making it a favorite among those side-sleepers.

4. Comfort

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Comfort can vary depending on the person because everyone has a different standard of comfort that fits his or her needs. Comfort is the top priority for side-sleepers because the position tends to create discomfort to the body. When looking for comfort, make sure to look for a good foam down pillow because not only to they bring proper support to the neck, they are extremely comfortable. Make sure you look at the product with more volume, which will ensure a good feel, unlike flat cushions.

5. Contour

A headrest with contour is a type of memory foam that helps with people who suffer from stiffness, pain, or discomfort. This goes along with support, side-sleepers need to look for proper contour so their joints and pressure points are cushioned and relieved. The contour is the aspect of foam that does the best molding of the body. The added benefit of having a side-sleeper pillow and mattress with contour memory foam is it will keep your body in proper alignment while you rest.

6. Adaptive

Purchasing a type of side-sleeper pillow that meets your sleeping needs is crucial, but cushions that are fully adaptive are key to being the best. An adaptive pillow contains all the essential qualities for a good nights rest. These cushions will be able to form to your preferences, whether you want it fluffed up, molded to your head, or flat. When looking for an adaptive headrest, choose one that's anti-wrinkle, with shredded foam so you can mold it to your desires. However, side-sleepers need to make sure the cushion still have enough support for your neck.

7. Firmness

The best side-sleeper pillows will have just the right amount of firmness. If you choose a product that is not firm enough, laying on your side will worsen neck pains. It is vital to select the a cushion that is firm to protect the neck from bending too much, or the shoulder being crushed from the weight of your head sinking into the cushion. When you are looking to purchase products with adequate firmness avoid feather pillows at all costs. Side-sleepers should stick to foam.

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8. Softness

Softness is the added luxury to a great side-sleeper. Now that we have all the important protective qualities of side-sleeper pillows decided, we can focus on the added benefits. Choosing a soft cushion is for pure enjoyment and comfort. Having soft fabric caress the face when going to bed will help drift off faster and harder. If you are looking for a soft pillow, fabric made from 100% cotton, or bamboo, will ensure the best feel.

Final Summary: Which One is Right for You?

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Side-sleepers find it difficult to find the best pillows that have every benefit to ensure protection, comfort, durability, firmness and quality. What they don’t know is side-sleepers suffer from a few problems caused by the position they lay in. Thus, why it is difficult to find products that can prevent these problems and at the same time provide ultimate comfort. 

Therefore, we selected three of the top-rated pillows that are proven to be the great for side-sleepers, giving you the option to choose the product that suits your needs. These intricately designed cushions provide a smooth night’s rest by avoiding any discomfort through a plethora of benefits. A good cushion will assist your breathing during the night and reduce neck pain caused from the side sleeping position. Our reports show that having the right headrest does not only deliver unbeatable comfort when your finding it hard to drift off, but also supports the intricate structures of the head, neck, shoulders, hips and spine. Treat yourself to a new and improved way of snoozing and say goodbye to neck pain, discomfort and headaches by doing your research on which side-sleeper pillow would be most suited for you. 

However, if you've decided you want take our advice on the best pillow for side-sleepers and you're wondering where to buy it. Click here for the best price.