Best Pillow For Stomach Sleepers

Not being able to sleep well at night could be caused by many factors. Most people associate this with noise or too much light or heat in the room. But have you ever considered that your pillow may be at fault?

If you sleep on your stomach and have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep, it could be because of your pillow. In the past people had to just grin and bear it when they had problems sleeping. But that’s no longer the case today.

There are people out there who have specially designed pillows for all kinds of sleepers. Pillows for back sleepers, pillows for side sleepers and pillows for stomach sleepers. Yes, that’s right! You can actually buy a pillow today that is specially designed to give stomach sleepers a good nights sleep.

Now you’re asking yourself: ‘What’s so special about stomach sleepers?’ Actually, there’s nothing more special about stomach sleepers than about any other type of sleeper. Whichever way you sleep you’ll need a pillow that will give enough support for your spine, neck and head. This will help prevent you from suffering with any kind of back or neck pain. It will also prevent headaches and any other kind of muscle ache.

But a thin pillow is the best choice for the stomach sleeper it won’t place your head too high. This means less pressure on your neck which will result in less pain in the morning!

It’s just important that you consider the shape of the pillow, what it is filled with and of course, the cost before purchasing one.

Our 5 Best Stomach Sleeper Pillow Recommendations

As with all products today, there is so much choice on the market. You probably now thinking: ‘How do I know which one will be suitable for my needs? Or ‘Will this really work for me?’ You won’t know whether it will work for you until you give it a try. But to help you decide which one to buy we’ve put together a list of our recommendations of the 5 best pillows suitable for stomach sleepers. They’ll give you the support you need to help you get a comfortable night’s sleep. Here they are:


1 – Endurimed CPAP Pillow

Why suffer endless sleepless nights if there’s something you can do to avoid it! If you invest in the Endurimed CPAP stomach sleeping pillow, you’ll be able to enjoy the comfort it provides. Being made from memory foam of high quality and the contour of the design ensures that you’ll sleep well.

The facial slope is especially beneficial if you have to wear a breathing mask when sleeping. This is because it will leave enough room for the tubes to connect with your machine without getting caught up. It’s an ideal product for any stomach sleeper who needs to wear such a mask. But it’s also suitable for back and side sleepers.

You’ll be sure of getting the softness you need for comfort. But it will also be firm enough to support your spine and neck.

You won’t need to consider whether the size will be big enough or small enough for you. This pillow is designed for all sizes whether you’re small or large. It’s possible to buy a custom pillowcase for it, but standard ones also fit.

So if you are a sleep apnea sufferer who sleeps on their stomach, this is the best stomach sleeper pillow for you.



  • Made from extremely high quality foam
  • Suitable for both large and small people
  • Sloped design for easier breathing
  • Soft enough for comfort but still firm enough
  • No problem when wearing a mask because of sleep apnea


  • Not thick enough for some
  • Doesn’t keep your head cool


2 – The Pancake Pillow: Adjustable Layer

It’s always difficult to find a pillow of the right height- they either seem to be too low or too high for comfort. This problem has now been solved with the pancake pillow – it can be customized to suit the height you need.

The casing is made from 100% cotton and it zippered on three sides for convenience for removing any of the ‘pancake’ layers. These are the six extremely soft inner pillows that are stacked like pancakes! You can take some out if you find the six are too high for you. And you’ll be able to replace them easily if you find that you want to sleep a little higher.  You can even purchase an extra cover so you have two pillows if you remove any layers.

For allergy sufferers these are really a dream. Being filled with soft microfiber fill that is a down alternative they are hypoallergenic. It’s also great for anyone suffering with neck pains. You’ll be able to find the exact height to relieve the pain.

Although it’s not cheap, this is the right pillow for a stomach sleeper. It really offers something different that’s definitely value for money.



  • Customize your pillow height
  • 6 pillow layers
  • Easy access to layers due to zips on three sides
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Down alternative soft microfiber


  • The case doesn’t fit perfectly when you remove layers
  • Possibly not firm enough when using less layers


3 – Bluewave Bedding Ultra Slim Gel

Thick fluffy pillows are not for everyone. If they’re not for you, then you’ll love this ultra slim one as it’s 2-3ins. slimmer than others. You’ll find just the comfort you’re looking for. But comfort is not all it offers. It’s filled with open cell memory foam that is certified. This guarantees that no toxic additives have been used in production.

For allergy sufferers you can rest in peace without having to worry about dust mites, mildew or mold as it is resistant to them all.

Being as memory foam retains heat, this pillow has been injected with a special cooling gel to regulate the temperature. It won’t feel cold to the touch. But it will allow air to circulate thus preventing a build up of heat.

The foam itself is covered with a protective mesh. The pillow cover, which is made from 60% polyester and 40% rayon, stays cool. It can also be removed for laundering.

For comfort, there is a dual sleeping surface. One side is rounded and the other is flat. Choose which side you prefer. This choice is beneficial for anyone with any health issues and even helps reduce snoring!



  • Cooling gel infused into the foam
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Cover can be removed for washing
  • Slim line
  • Dual sleeping surface – rounded and flat


  • Maybe too stiff for some
  • Doesn’t cool quite enough


4 – bonmedico Stomach Sleeper Pillow

This orthopaedic pillow is actually star shaped. It’s been designed with an arm recess to help reduce pressure in your neck and back. This in turn will relieve tension in your neck and back muscles. So no more waking up in pain. And not only that, but it’s also known to help reduce snoring!

As it’s made from memory foam it will mold to your shape. This ensures that stomach sleepers weight will be perfectly distributed. It even returns to its original form when not in use. You may find that, because of its unusual shape, you’ll need a little time in getting used to sleeping on it.

The biggest advantage for stomach sleepers is the pillow cover. It has an air weave built in to the side. This will ensure that enough air is in the pillow to make it 100% breathable. It’s also great for allergy sufferers. Made from 99% polyester and 1% elastin you’ll be sure that it’s anti-dust mite and anti-allergic.

Don’t worry about having to replace it when it becomes soiled. The cover is simple to remove and can be laundered at 30 degrees.



  • Relieves any neck pains
  • 100% breathable for stomach sleepers
  • Molds to your own shape
  • Anti-allergic cover
  • Balances temperature and moisture levels



  • May take a little time to adjust to
  • Rather expensive


5 – Downlite Extra Soft

This product really is extra soft, so be careful if you prefer something a little firmer. It’s actually so soft that it flattens like a pancake, but does fluff up again. But for lovers of soft pillows you’ll find no better. It will give you the feeling of being pampered and bring back childhood memories. Being filled with 100% duck down you won’t have to worry about any feather quills poking through in the night. What’s more, the duck down filling is hypoallergenic.

It comes in three different sizes – you can choose from: standard measuring 20×26, queen size measuring 20×30 and king size measuring 20×36. Choose the size that suits you best. Whatever size you choose you’ll find there’s enough of it to squish up. You won’t have to worry about having too much pillow around your face during the night.

It’s easy care cover can be machine washed and dried. This means you won’t have to use an inferior pillow when this one is being laundered.

If you’re looking for flat pillows for stomach sleepers you won’t need to look any further.



  • It’s super soft
  • Only filled with down – no feathers
  • Duck down filling is hypoallergenic
  • 100% cotton cover
  • Possible to machine wash and dry


  • Could be a little thicker
  • It flattens quickly


Features You Should Focus On

Stomach sleepers should always remember that during the night their face will be pressed against their pillow. For this reason it’s important to consider what features are important to you personally. So if you’re looking for the best pillow for stomach sleepers you’ll need to consider the following:


This is always a matter of personal choice. As the saying goes: some like it hot, some like it cold, some like it in the pot three days old! With pillows it’s more a matter of firmness. Are you looking for something extra soft or just soft? Maybe you want something a little firmer or even extra firm. If you’re looking to customize your pillow, try out the pancake one.


There are many different fillings used in pillows. The traditional pillows used feathers, but the quills poked through in the night. Today duck down is thought to be better. Or maybe you’ll be happy with a down alternative. But if that’s not what you’re looking for, try one with memory foam – with or without cooling gel. They seem to be the most popular choice today as they don’t loose their shape.


For allergy sufferers this is a must! Not only the filling, but also the shell should be made of a hypoallergenic fabric. There’s nothing worse than finding just the right pillow for comfort only to find that you’re allergic to it.


Waking up with a sweaty head is not really something to look forward to. Memory foam pillows are often also injected with a cooling gel. This helps the pillow to breathe thus reducing the chance of you feeling sweaty.

Health Issues

People who suffer severely with sleep apnea often have to wear a mask while sleeping. This is to help with their breathing during the night. The problem they face is that the tubes from the mask get caught up in the pillow. It’s then important to find a pillow that will allow the tubes free access to the machine.


You’ll need to spend enough time considering your needs before you purchase your pillow. If you don’t do this you’ll find you’ve bought a product that really isn’t what you wanted. You’ll end up back to square one, but with less money in your pocket! But by investing a little time you’ll find it is worthwhile in the end. You’ll soon realize this for yourself after that first good night’s sleep that you’ve had in a long time.

All 5 pillows we’ve reviewed above are perfect for stomach sleepers. We’re sure there’s something there for everyone  – now it’s up to you to decide which is the right one for you.