What’s the Best Pillow for Traveling?
Get Comfortable Sleep on any Airplane

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Seasoned travellers know that when it comes to sleeping while on the go, the best travel pillow and blanket makes all the difference between waking up rested or waking up with a sore neck. It is a portable accessory engineered with comfort and support in mind, allowing you to arrive at your destination ready to take on your trip. Leading travel cushions provide comfort and full head and neck support; but with so many companies claiming to have ideal cushions for those on-the-go, it can be hard to determine which reviews to believe. Our reviews can help all types of travellers navigate the world's best travel size pillow for you. 

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There is a reason so many reviews insist that small travel pillows for airplanes are essential for long trips. Long flights on airplanes can be exhausting and you don’t want to be that person snoozing on the shoulder of the passenger next to you. Reviews of the top-rated products show that optimal head and neck support are the primary concern, which is why our reviews put comfort and support first and foremost because your comfort is our primary concern.

All the discomforts that come with sleeping while on the road are why people scour our reviews for the top-rated products on the current market. But don’t wait until you get to the airport to pick one up because then it will be outrageously marked up. We have researched and provided reviews of the best traveling pillows to help you gear up for your next trip. 

Before ​you get started, you should read a little about our top 3 products for the adventurous traveller. 

Our Reviews of the 3 Best Pillows for Travel











Travelrest Review


1. J-Pillow 

There is a reason the J-Pillow has made it to the top of our choice of cool travel pillows for kids, toddlers and adults, is because of the unique 3D “J” design of this product allows it to give the most support for your head, neck and chin all at the same time, so you never must worry about your head dropping down and jolting you awake. You can also wedge this cushion into your back for full lumbar support. The plush polyester base and fiber lining makes for a super soft surface and makes it easy to pack into a small space, smaller than most cabeau. This product can also be attached to the outside of luggage or on your person with the snap-loop fastener for more convenient access while on the go. The J-Pillow is entirely machine-washable, which makes it ultra-hygienic and you can choose how soft or firm you want it to be by tumble-drying on low for a softer option or air drying for a more firmer surface. 

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2. Aeris 

Aeris Review

This extra comfy cabeau travel wedge pillow is a top contender on the market because it keeps you in your seat. Made from memory foam, the Aeris pillow molds to your neck and head, providing support and comfort. Most reviews of memory foam also indicate that the material, in general, can become overheated, but Aeris engineered their memory foam with ventilation holes to prevent excessive heat absorption. The Aeris is U-shaped and has a plush velour cover that is removable and machine-washable and it can be easily compacted to fit into a portable bag. This product also comes with an eye mask, ear plugs and a lifetime replacement guarantee. Great for parents and kids, the Aeris has taken the traditional cabeau shape and designed it for optimum comfort and portability while adventuring. 

3. Travelrest 

Travelrest Review

Third but still in our top 3 of the top-rated portable cushions on the market, is the Travelrest travel pillow has a unique design that makes it versatile enough to be worn across the torso for head and neck support. Or it can also be positioned on one side of the body to provide a surface to lean against for full head, neck and upper body support. This cushion is compressible, which makes it lightweight for both adults and kids to carry and when all the air is let out, the Travelrest folds into a very small size that can easily convertible and be stowed. The entire cushion is machine-washable, so it is ultra-hygienic. 

Whether you travel sleeping on your back, or you may be a side-sleeper, this product will keep you comfortable the entire ride. ​

Why Do You Need a Good Travel Pillow

Having specific pillows for while you’re away from home are beneficial for several reasons. Primarily, portable headrests make sleeping on long trips way more comfortable. Travel pillows are designed to optimize comfort for sleeping upright by providing proper head and neck support. With the proper support, it’s easier to relax, giving you the benefit of a restful sleep.

Another benefit of pillows for travel is that many people overlook is that they prevent awkward sleeping arrangements. Sleeping upright can result in slumping over and accidentally using the shoulder of the passenger next to you as a resting spot. There is nothing more awkward than riding out the remainder of a long flight next to a stranger you just used as furniture. But these products provide optimal support, so that you stay in your own area when you fall asleep. 

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Portability and convenience are also benefits of the best pillows for travelling. Unlike standard products, pillows for travelling are designed to be compacted into small spaces or attached to luggage, so you can easily access it anytime. This travel accessory saves you space, so you have more room for souvenirs and when they are easily accessible, they have the benefit of being hassle-free. 

How to Choose the Right Travel Pillow:

There are a few things you need to think about that I bet you didn't know, when it comes to choosing your next travel pillow for your up coming adventures. If you're a regular jet setter then you probably know too well, how painful a journey can be without one. 

However, not just any cushion will do, you have to find products that tick off some key features that are seen when it comes to quality products. Here's a few tips on what to look for when you're looking for your next cushion to take on your latest adventures. ​

1. Ergonomic Shape

The shape is probably the key factor when deciding on a good travel pillow. While rectangular cushions, like the ones on airplanes, are designed to be laid on a flat surface, the most popular products for the road are designed to fit ergonomically and comfortably between your neck and shoulder so that you can sleep while sitting in an upright position. When looking through our reviews, think about what kind of support you want for your head, neck and chin and consider what ergonomic shape will give the most support.

2. Materials that Maximizes Comfort

Our reviews show that the top-rated travel pillows achieve the optimum balance of softness and firmness. The outer shell should be soft enough to snuggle against, while the inner cushion base should be firm enough to provide proper support. Even the best inflatable travel pillows can be adjusted to strike the right balance of softness and firmness. Our best travel pillow reviews analyze the materials that these products are made of, from microbeads to memory foam.

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3. Compact Size

As our reviews suggest, the best travel pillows should either be small enough that they can easily fit into your luggage, or they should be made of material that can easily be compacted to fit into small spaces. All the products in our reviews are small enough for storing and can be easily compacted, but large enough to provide you ultimate comfort. 

4. Portability


While most reviews neglect this core concern, portability is a key factor and one that we make sure to address in our reviews. Being able to carry your cushion around by simply attaching it to the outside of your luggage or onto your person is much more convenient than having to open your luggage every time you need to access or store your traveling The top folding travel pillows often have snap-loop fasteners or cords that can be used to secure the headrest. Keep an eye out for portability as you read the reviews.

5. Machine-Washable

Another major consideration in the reviews, the hygiene factor of the best pillows for traveling cannot be neglected. Whether it has a removable outer shell or it is made of machine-washable material, the superior products for travel promote hygiene. Our reviews will tell you whether the pillow you choose for traveling is machine-washable.

Final Thoughts: Which One is Right For You?

When it comes to the key specs - shape, material, size, portability and hygiene and how the top 3 best products stack up against each other, it is easy to see why the J-Pillow comes out as number one in our reviews. In terms of shape, this product has the most innovative and fully supportive design because it can support the head, neck and chin, all at the same time. It is also made of extra comfy material, can fit into a small space, can be attached to luggage for quick and convenient access and the whole thing is machine-washable.


The Aeris Memory Foam travel pillow follows at a close second in providing all-around head and neck support and when worn backward, this cabeau model provides great chin support. It is made of material engineered to promote a comfortable sleep and it can be compacted to fit into a portable carry bag. The Aeris is mostly hygienic with the removable cover, but it is not 100% hygienic, which is why it gets the silver medal in the reviews. The Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow also has a unique shape that allows it to be quite versatile, but it comes in third in the reviews because of minimal chin support. In terms of size, portability and hygiene though, it is a winner, which is why we still felt it was well-worthy of being included in our reviews.

Our reviews cover the key features and benefits of traveling pillows to help you decide for yourself which product is the right option for you. Among a long list of factors, full head and neck support are the primary concern for us. We cover the specs of shape, material, size, portability and hygiene and our evaluations even show the pros and cons of each traveling pillow to help you easily determine if it is going to be the right fit. 

If you're still unsure what type of sleeper you are, simply head back to our homepage to read more about the best rated pillows on the market.​

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