5 Best Hydraluxe Pillow Reviews: Extreme Comfort With Cooling Effect For The Best Nights Sleep

After weeks of sleepless nights you’ve finally decided that you may possibly need a different pillow. Are your sleeping problems caused because you are so stressed out? Or do you have problems sleeping because of health issues? Whatever the cause of lack of sleep, it can be helped if you have the right pillow to rest on at night.

No doubt you put a lot of thought into purchasing the right mattress for your bed. But did you do the same when you bought your pillow? Probably not! Just think that 8 hours out of the 24 in a day your head is probably resting on that pillow. We’re sure you’ll now realize why it is so important to purchase the right product.

Pillows, as with any other product, come in all sizes and prices. There are also many different types that offer relief from various ailments. They all promise to help you sleep better. But which is the right one for you? You don’t want to be disappointed when the product you’ve purchased doesn’t come up to your expectations. And neither do you want to waste your hard earned money by purchasing a product that you won’t be able to use. You’ll end up with no money and still wont be able to get to sleep.

Have you ever considered the range of hydraluxe cooling pillows that are on offer? They are excellent products that could be the answer to your prayers. Now is the time to think about the advantages of purchasing one!


Our Top 5 Hydraluxe Pillows Recommendations

It’s not easy to make a decision on what is the best product to purchase. So to help you out we’ve compiled a hydraluxe pillow review. Check through the list of the 5 products that we consider to be the most suitable and best value for money. One of them will surely be just the one you’re looking for. And once you realize the benefit you’ll get from it, you’ll wonder why you never thought of purchasing one sooner.


1 – Comfort Revolution: Memory Foam and Hydraluxe Cooling

This comfort revolution hydraluxe pillow contains layers of Hydraluxe gel to help you stay cool during the night. The cool touch of the pillow when you lay your head on it will help your circulation so you fall asleep easier. The pillow will even stay cool throughout the night more so than your average pillow. What’s more: The memory foam will customize itself to the shape of your head and neck.  This will improve your circulation and enable your muscles to relax completely. You’ll experience the ultimate in comfort.

It has a mesh cover that is really lightweight, extra soft and breathable. This can be removed for laundering. It can be machine washed with no worry of it shrinking.

It comes in queen size, which is 28 inches x 18 inches x 6 inches.

If queen size is your preference you should give this one a lot of consideration.



  • It offers customized comfort due to the memory foam
  • It helps improve circulation to ensure you fall asleep quicker
  • Its mesh cover is breathable so stays cool
  • The cover can be removed for laundering
  • It stays cooler than the average pillow


  • It’s not thick enough if you prefer thick pillows
  • It could possible be too firm for some

2 – Comfort Revolution Standard

If you’re looking for a hydraluxe pillow that will give support for your neck and head, you should try this one. It guarantees that your muscles will be fully relaxed throughout the night. How can it promise this? This is possible due to the memory foam that will mold to the shape of your neck and head.

You’ll also be guaranteed a cool night’s sleep because of the Hydraluxe gel it contains. The gel actually covers the memory foam so it stays cool all night. You’ll no longer wake up needing to turn your pillow to the cool side during the night.

It has a mesh knit cover that you can launder whenever necessary. The cover is also soft and breathable so also helps to keep you cool.

The pillow is standard size: that’s 24 inches x 16 inches.



  • It’s suitable for any sleeping position – back, stomach and side
  • The memory foam will shape to your head and neck for extra comfort
  • The pillow stays cool throughout the night
  • Its knit cover is soft, comfortable and breathable
  • It’s hygienic as the cover can be removed for laundering


  • It could be cooler
  • It could be too high if you like a lower pillow

3 – Hydraluxe Cooling Bed Pillow

This again is another excellent product from Comfort Revolution. Although it’s queen size it’s rather larger than the average queen size. It actually measures 28.8 inches x 20.7 inches with a depth of 5.8 inches. You’ll find that a standard pillowcase won’t fit it.

To keep you cool at night the memory foam is covered with a cool Cerulean gel bubbles. Sleeping at the right temperature means that you’ll sleep much better. And due to the memory foam, the pillow will cradle your head and neck to help your muscles relax.

You’ll be surprised at how refreshed you feel when you wake up in the morning.

The cover is made from a breathable mesh that is extra soft and supple. It can even be machine washed with no problem.



  • It stays cool longer than most products
  • It has a layer of cool Cerulean gel bubbles
  • It will improve your circulation, which will help you fall sleep quicker
  • It has an extra soft mesh cover for comfort
  • Its cover can be machine washed with ease


  • Any standard pillow case won’t fit it
  • It’s nearer king size than queen size

4 – Cool Cerulean

Made from memory foam and covered in layers of refreshing cool Cerulean gel, you’ll find that you sleep like a baby. The memory foam will cradle your head thus giving support to both your head and your neck. It will relax your muscles so there’ll be no aches and pains when you wake up next day either. The Cerulean gel will ensure that your head doesn’t get too hot during the night. So there’ll be no more waking up to turn your pillow over to the cool side half way through the night.

It is suitable whatever kind of sleeper you are, but is most suitable for side sleepers.

The mesh cover can be removed, which of course you’ll need to do for laundering it. It can even be laundered in the washing machine.

The measurements are 25 inches x 16 inches and it has depth of 5.75 inches.



  • It’s especially suitable for side sleepers
  • It cradles your head for support to your neck and head and for comfort
  • The cool Cerulean gel helps keep you cool during the night
  • The memory foam will give you extra comfort
  • The mesh cover can be laundered in the washing machine


  • It’s not suitable if you don’t like a firm pillow
  • The gel doesn’t stay cool long enough

5 – Hydraluxe Contour Pillow

This standard size pillow from Comfort Revolution measures 24 inches x 16 inches and has a depth of 6 inches. It’s suitable for all sleepers: back sleepers, stomach sleepers and side sleepers. Whichever kind of sleeper you are you’ll get the support you need for your head and neck. This is because of the memory foam that molds to your shape.

What’s more: you’ll stay comfortable and completely cool all night due to the Hydraluxe gel.

This will not only help you to get to sleep, but it will also help you stay asleep. You’ll be so comfortable you may even sleep longer the following morning.

It has a machine-washable cover that is made from a mesh fabric that is extremely soft and also breathable.



  • It’s suitable for all sleeping position – back, stomach and side
  • The memory foam offers support to your head and neck for extra comfort
  • The layer of Hydraluxe gel helps you stay cool
  • The mesh cover is comfortable and breathable
  • The cover can be machine washed


  • It could be too deep for some
  • It could stay cooler longer


Features You Need To Focus On

Before you make a decision on which product to buy, there are a few features that you should consider. The thickness and coolness of your pillow will play just as an important role as the price. So if you’re looking for a perfect night’s sleep, you should consider the following points.


You may be wondering: ‘Why is thickness so important?’  With the wrong thickness of pillow, you won’t be so comfortable. Also you may find that any problems you have with your spine and neck will only become worse by sleeping on the wrong pillow.

So how do you know which is the right thickness for you? Research has proven that people who sleep on their sides should have a pillow that’s as thick as their shoulder. This means that you’ll need to purchase one of the thicker pillows on the market. For back sleepers the pillow should be a little thinner but don’t make the mistake of purchasing one that’s too thin. Which now brings us to the stomach sleeper who needs a much thinner pillow than both back and side sleepers.

So when you choose your pillow think about the impact it will have on both your comfort and your health.

Ventilation and Airflow

Do you often wake up during the night and flip your pillow over to the cool side? If that’s the case, you’ll need a pillow that will keep its temperature throughout the night. Nothing is worse than losing sleep because you are sensitive to heat.

Hydraluxe pillows have been created to allow the air to circulate for ventilation. The cooling effect of the gel will then last practically all night. Many pillows have even been developed taking body heat and room temperature into consideration. This means that you’ll no longer have to worry about waking up because you feel too hot.


Are you happy to sleep on a standard size pillow, measuring 24 inches x 16 inches? Or do you prefer something larger? Some products offer queen size, which measures 28 inches x 18 inches. Or do you want king size? They measure 28 inches x 20 inches on average. Whichever size you choose, you’ll find a pillow that will meet your needs in our list.


Of course, price is important. You’ll need to buy a pillow that costs more than twenty dollars otherwise you won’t be guaranteed a good night’s sleep. You may find one that does help, but there’ll be no guarantee of this. You’ll be able to buy a good memory foam pillow with cooling gel for between twenty and fifty dollars. If you decide to invest more than fifty dollars you’ll really have a prime article. So when considering price you need to remember: The amount and quality of sleep we get has a big influence on our daily life. And don’t forget you’ll spend approximately a third of your time with your head laying on it!


We’re sure that the features we’ve mentioned will help you avoid purchasing the wrong product. You certainly won’t want to be disappointed the first night you sleep on your new pillow. And you’ll want to know that you’ll keep on sleeping better.

The decision is now yours as to whether one of the above products meets your requirements. All five are excellent products that will guarantee you get enough support for your neck and head during the night. They’ll also ensure that you won’t wake up because you are hot and have to flip your pillow over. What are you waiting for – order one now and let the pillow speak for itself. The sooner you order it the sooner you’ll get a good night’s sleep!