5 Best Latex Foam Pillows: Natural Products For Better Sleep And More Neck Support

Latex Foam PillowBesides a mattress, a pillow is an important item to ensure that you seep well. You need one that will give enough support for you head and neck, but also align your body while you are sleeping.

Have you been sleeping badly lately and find yourself waking with aching shoulders or a sore neck? Then it really is time you thought about replacing your pillow.

By sleeping on the right one you’ll not only get the support and comfort you need, but you’ll also get that good night’s sleep you crave for. You’ll no longer find yourself waking up with pains in your back and shoulders or with a stiff neck. Those tension headaches will also quickly disappear.

For the best results you should consider a latex foam pillow. Why is that? It’s because a latex pillow will cradle your head and will give your neck and shoulders the support they need.

What exactly is latex made from? Latex is produced from an extract from rubber trees. It’s popular due to its supportive features and the fact that it’s durable. If you want a high quality latex pillow you should consider looking for a Talalay product. One point to mention is the fact that latex will have a natural sweet rubbery smell. This is not at all unpleasant and shouldn’t be a problem.

You’re now possibly wondering: ‘What other benefits will I get from a latex pillow?’ By purchasing a latex pillow you’ll have a product that is resistant to dust mites, mildew proof, anti-microbial and hypoallergenic. But be aware: if you suffer from an allergy to latex this won’t be the product for you.

But even with latex pillows you’ll find many variations. Do you want a foam rubber pillow or a natural latex pillow? The shape and size will also vary and the price range, too. And you thought buying a pillow was easy!


Our Top 5 Best Latex Foam Pillow Recommendations

With so many products to choose from, it’s always difficult to know which one to purchase. You may find one that catches your eye and the price is right, but is it the right pillow for you? You won’t know the answer to that unless you first consider what features you’re looking for in a pillow. If you don’t yet know, check out our list of important features at the end of this page. Once you’ve decided what’s right for you, check out our list of the top 5 latex pillows. We’re convinced there’s one there to suit your needs.


1 – Beautyrest Latex Foam Pillow

Made from natural latex foam taken from a tropical rubber tree, this pillow is antimicrobial. You won’t need to be concerned about bacteria forming or any kind of unpleasant odor. It’s an ideal product if you suffer from any allergies.

To give relief to your pressure points it cradles your neck and head gently. Plus, by supplying you with the support you need for you head and neck it supports your spine. It will even adjust to your shape as you move about during the night.

For comfort you’ll also be able to choose the size of your pillow. You can choose from standard size or, if you prefer, go for queen size. But if you want something larger you also have the choice of king size.

For cleanliness you’ll be able to remove the soft 100% cotton cover for laundering. Just throw it into the washing machine, and hey presto it feels like new again.



  • It’s constructed from natural latex foam
  • It’s antimicrobial
  • It cradles your head and neck
  • The removable cover is made from 100% cotton
  • It comes in three sizes – standard, queen and king size


  • It may be too firm for some
  • It doesn’t hold it’s shape long enough


2 – Authentic Talatech 230 Thread Count

You’ll get the support and comfort you long for with this medium density latex pillow. And that’s possible whichever way you sleep. It gives support to back sleepers, stomach sleepers and also side sleepers. A dream come true for someone who regularly changes their sleeping position.

It’s filled with natural latex foam so you can be sure that it adjusts to your shape. It’s also hypoallergenic and antimicrobial so there’ll be no problem with allergies.

Size is no problem either – you have the choice of something extra large with the king size, a little smaller with queen size or the average standard size. There’s a size there to suit everyone. Unless of course you prefer a flat pillow, then this isn’t the one for you.

The pillow itself can’t be washed, it can just be spot cleaned. But the soft cover, which is made from a polyester-cotton blend, can be machine-washed. What more can you ask for in a pillow!



  • It’s filled with natural latex
  • It’s obtainable in standard, queen and king size
  • It’s hypoallergenic and antimicrobial
  • It’s suitable for all sleeping positions
  • It has a machine washable cover


  • It’s possibly too high for some
  • It’ not ideal if you have neck issues


3 – OrganicTextiles All Natural

This is a completely natural product being made from eco-friendly 100% natural latex and covered with 100% organic cotton. The latex is produced from the milky sap found in tropical rubber trees. This ensures that you get the support you need while being comfortable. The pillow will cradle your neck and back during the night to ensure that you get maximum support. You’ll find yourself sleeping like a baby!

It has an added advantage of being designed for the air to flow through. This prevents your head and neck becoming too warm during the night, thus reducing perspiration. No more waking up because you’re sweaty.

It’s a perfect product for allergy sufferers being as it’s anti-microbial and hypoallergenic. It’s also resistant to dust mites and mildew. What’s more, the cover is zippered for easy removal when laundering. As it’s made from 100% organic cotton you’ll be able to throw it in the washing machine.



  • It’s made from eco-friendly 100% natural latex
  • It’s resistant to dust mites and mildew
  • It’s anti-microbial and hypoallergenic
  • Free air flow prevents perspiration
  • The cover is made from 100% organic cotton


  • It may be too thick for some
  • It has rather a strong smell that needs getting used to


4 – SWEESLEEP Natural Talalay Latex

Sweesleep uses a special process to manufacture the eco-friendly latex. It taps the milky sap from sustainable rubber trees, whips it, chills it then heats it up to obtain a foam consistency. You may find that there’s a sweet rubbery smell to it, but this is normal for natural latex products.

The eco-friendly latex ensures that you’ll get the support and comfort you need for a good night’s sleep by cradling your head and supporting your neck and shoulders. You’ll be able to have sweet dreams about how eco-friendly you are!

As the latex is breathable the pillow will stay clean and dry even after years of using it. This is because it won’t absorb any body moisture. Its 100% cotton cover also has breathable holes so you can be sure of staying cool during the night. What’s more, the pillow will even keep its shape.

Unless you suffer from a latex allergy, this pillow is perfect for allergy sufferers. It’s dust mite and mildew resistant, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic.

For your peace of mind you can be sure that you’ve purchased an eco product as it has certification for the purity of the organic latex from the Eco Institute.



  • It’s filled with breathable organic latex
  • Eco Institute certified for purity of organic latex
  • It will retain it’s shape
  • It’s anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, anti mildew and dust mite resistant
  • The 100% cotton cover has breathable holes


  • It may be too firm for some
  • It’s not perfect for side sleepers


5 – Comfort & Relax Latex Memory Foam Pillow with Ventilation Technology

If you’re looking for a pillow that is dense but still soft, something you can hug but will return to its original shape, then you’ve found it. This pillow is made from AirCell technology latex memory foam. This means that that air flows through it so your head and neck will stay cool during the night. You’ll breathe better and thereby sleep better.

Made from memory foam you can be sure that any health issues, such as neck pains, will be alleviated. It’s even suitable for all kinds of sleeper – you’ll love it whether you sleep on your back, on your stomach or on your side. It only comes in standard size, but it’s the perfect height and being medium firm, it’s firm enough.

Being Certi-PUR certified as 100% safe, there’s no need to worry about it containing any toxic ingredients. In fact, it works as a barrier against bacteria, dust mites and mold.



  • It’s made from AirCell technology latex memory foam
  • It helps reduce pains in your neck
  • It’s inner cover is made from a breathable jersey fabric
  • It’s has dual side covers – one side cool for summer, the other warm for winter
  • Its Certi-PUR certified to be 100% safe


  • It’s not machine washable
  • It may not be firm enough for some


What Features You Need To Focus On

When purchasing a pillow the features are just as important those you look for when purchasing a mattress. Don’t forget – within 24 hours you’ll probably be laying on it for 8 hours. So to be sure of buying the right product consider the following factors.

  • Sleeping Position: The kind of pillow you need depends on the position you sleep. You won’t need so much support for your head and neck if you’re a back sleeper. You should choose a pillow that offers medium or low density. Stomach sleepers should go for a low-density pillow to take any strain off your neck. After all, by lying on your stomach your head is turned to the side. Side sleepers, on the other hand, need most support as your head and neck need to be aligned to your body.

    Without the correct support you’ll end up with pains in your neck or shoulders.

  • Pillow Size: The quality of the sleep you get will depend on the size of the pillow you sleep on. Pillows generally come in three sizes – standard measuring 20 x 26 inches, queen measuring 20 x 30 inches and king measuring 20 x 36 inches.
  • Pillow Filling: The filling is extremely important when you consider that you want the product to last. It’s also important when you consider that it needs to support your head and neck during the night.
  • Pillow Firmness: The firmness of a pillow also depends on the kind of sleeper you are. Soft pillows are more suitable for back and stomach sleepers. Back and side sleepers will benefit more from a medium soft pillow whereas side sleepers need a firm pillow. But if you’re a side sleeper with neck problems you should consider purchasing a very firm pillow.
  • Ventilation Technology: Do you find yourself waking during the night to find that your head is hot and sweaty? That’s probably why you woke in the first place. Your best choice would be a pillow that offers ventilation. By keeping your neck and head cool you’ll find that you’re breathing better. This will really enhance your sleep.


By considering what features are important to you before you go shopping for a new pillow, you’ll avoid ending up with the wrong product. The 5 products we’ve reviewed are all excellent products and there’s definitely something there for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a latex foam pillow or a natural latex pillow you’ll find one in our list. Don’t just dream about what such a pillow can do for you, order one now and you’ll be able to dream on it instead!