J-Pillow For Travel Review

J-Pillow Travel Pillow

J-Pillow Overview

The J-Pillow Travel Pillow is the solution to all your sleeping-while-travelling needs. A number one seller in the UK for over three years with thousands of positive reviews, it’s easy to see why this is touted as the must-have travel accessory. Anyone who has ever slept while sitting upright, whether in an airplane, car or train, knows that it is nearly impossible to get a solid sleep with a standard pillow.

The biggest problem?

Your head dropping forward and down and jolting you out of sleep. But with the unique, patent-pending design of this product, you can snooze away in complete relaxation with full support for your head, neck and chin.

Read on for our J-pillow for travel review to see why this could be the best travel pillow ever. 


The unique shape of the J-Pillow provides superior comfort while you sleep. One arm of the 3D “J” provides support for the side of the head while the other arm of the “J” provides support for the back of the head and the neck, while the bottom curl provides chin support. This innovative design allows this cushion to basically cradle you in its arms so that you can get a restful sleep without suffering any of the neck pain that one normally gets from sleeping while traveling. The shape of this product also makes it incredibly versatile, so that you can rest it over an armrest to give your arm soft, comfortable support, or fold the “J” in half and nestle it against your lower back to provide additional lumbar support.

  • Best selling travel pillow in UK 
  • Easy to carry
  • Ultra hygenic
  • Winner of the British Invention of the Year 2013 Awards
J Pillow Review

Product Specifications:

The J-Pillow has the perfect shape that supports your head, neck and chin to give you a superior sleep. The material consists of plush polyester and a polyester fiber lining, so it provides a super soft surface for a relaxing sleep.

A snap-loop fastener makes it easy to attach to the outside of your luggage or a belt loop. This cushion is also convenient to store in luggage since it squashes into a very compact shape, smaller than most U-shaped pillows. The entire product is machine-washable, which makes it ultra-hygienic and you can choose how soft or firm you want the cushion to be. For a supremely soft cushion, tumble dry on low heat and for a firmer support, air dry.


  • Innovative 3D “J” shape
  • Versatile design allows it to support head, neck, chin, arm and back
  • Extra compact
  • Easily portable with snap-loop fastener
  • Ultra-hygienic
  • #1 Best Selling Travel Pillow for three years strong
  • Winner of the British Invention of the Year for 2013


  • Only provides support for one side of the head at a time

Final Thoughts: Is it Right For You?

The brilliant design of the J-Pillow for travel is most certainly one of the more superior products on the market. The 3D “J” shape solves the issue of supporting your head, neck and chin all at the same time and made reviewing this product a pleasure. Even though it can only support one side of your head at a time, it still provides superior comfort compared to any other design on the market. Besides, to get full support for both sides of your head, the pillow would have to have an awkward neck-brace shape.

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The J-Pillow Travel Pillow is also extra soft, which entails a relaxing sleep and which makes it easy to pack into a small space. The fact that the entire product is machine-washable also makes it very convenient to keep clean during traveling. The shape and support that this product provides makes it stand out as hands-down, the best travel pillow on the market.

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