My Pillow Premium Series Review

My Pillow Side Sleep Pillow

My Pillow Premium Series Overview

The My Pillow Premium Series is the ultimate source for comfort. This product is increasingly popular for its all-around feel, providing comfort in every area. Preventing sleepless nights, this cushion is the best choice when you have given up on finding the right type for you. It delivers the best feel, comfort and rest to all buyers. Say goodbye to all uncomfortable nights, because everyone deserves a My Pillow Premium Series to get the best sleep of their lives.

Comfort is brought through My Pillow Premium Series’ 2-inch gusseted sidewall. This feature adds outstanding luxury and support, to help those who have neck pains and discomfort with their current cushion. It also comes with four custom loft levels to best fit any size or sleeping position to deliver maximum comfort.

Before considering purchasing just any pillow, read our My Pillow Premium Series review to find out what makes this product one of the best in the market.


The My Pillow Premium Series unbeatable comfort delivers a peaceful sleep to all customers. Through its premium comfort, they guarantee 100 percent satisfaction to buyers, keeping them constantly coming back. This product prides itself in its top five benefits to a soundless sleep:

  • Stays cool
  • Patented 3-piece interlocking fill
  • Washable and dryable
  • 2 Inch gusseted side wall
  • 4 Different loft levels


Product Specifications:

Fitting Guide

The My Pillow Premium Series 2-inch gusseted sidewall allows more adjustability and loft for your sleeping needs. Providing full support, this exclusive 2-inch sidewall helps those with neck pain or head discomfort when sleeping. The custom fit sizing features four custom loft levels that fit anyone’s exact sleeping position making the comfort unimaginable. This feature meets all positions whether you sleep on your stomach, back, side or all three.

One of the best perks to the My Pillow Premium Series is the washable and dryable material, guaranteeing that it will not become flat. It allows the owner to wash it as many times as needed without having to worry about buying a new pillow. You can also adjust the headrest with its patented 3-piece interlocking fill without it going flat or losing its shape. This ensures your sleep will stay uninterrupted providing the sleep you deserve. Say goodbye to flipping the pillow for the cooler side. Through this products open cell poly, allows it to breathe and stay cool all through the night.


  • Four different loft levels
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Open Cell Polly
  • Comfortable proprietary fill


  • Must read sizing chart carefully

Final Thoughts: Is it Really Premium?

My Pillow Premium Review

A pillow like the My Pillow Premium Series is hard to find, which is why we had to review this product. This quality product delivers optimum comfort for the best sleep. The four loft levels give your sleep position customized comfort allowing you to sleep hard in any position. This product exclusively can wash and dry without flattening, allowing it to be washed as many times as possible. With its Open Cell Polly, it allows it to keep cool because of its breathable material. This added luxury prevents losing any sleep because you will not have to wake up to change sides when one side gets too hot, in fact, this cushion will never get too hot. My Pillow Premium Series is a well-rounded product that will sufficiently meet your sleeping needs, and we absolutely loved reviewing this product.

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