Sensorpedic Luxury Extraordinaire Contour Memory Foam Pillow: Excellent Neck Support For A Better Night Sleep

Do you find it difficult to get to sleep these days? And when you do eventually manage to, the alarm clock rings!  Another scenario is that you keep waking up throughout the night and can’t get back to sleep. Then maybe it’s time you thought about changing your pillow. You’ve probably never considered what a pillow can actually offer – it’s no longer just a comfort zone for your head when you lie down. The right pillow can give you the support you need to help you get a good night’s sleep.

Of course, sleep apnea can be the result of many things – perhaps you have a health problem: in which case you really should visit your doctor for advice. But for general ailments such as acid reflux, arthritis of the neck or backache sleeping on the right pillow could be the answer to your prayers. Try it and find out for yourself!

But how do you know which pillow will give you most relief? Yes, we know, the market is inundated with them: that’s why we’ve put together the following information to help you know more about the Sensorpedic Luxury Extraordinaire Contour Memory Foam Neck Pillow. We are convinced that you won’t be disappointed with this product.


Brief Overview

If price is not of importance to you then the sensorpedic memory foam pillow is a must. It doesn’t come as cheap as many other products but it does guarantee quality. Not only quality of the product, but also quality of sleep. And isn’t that what you’re looking for?

This jumbo size pillow filled with memory foam really is ‘luxury extraordinaire’ as the name says. Being jumbo sized, you won’t have to use extra pillows to raise you higher. This means that you’ll soon find that you no longer suffer with acid reflux while lying down. Also, you won’t find yourself waking because the pillows have slipped away during the night as this pillow will remain exactly where you’ve placed it.

Surely you know the feeling of waking up during the night with your head feeling hot and sweaty! You can now say goodbye to that feeling: due to the cooling technology, the pillow is able to breathe. This helps to regulate the heat on the surface so you’ll remain dry and stay comfortable.

If we’ve awoken your interest in the sensorpedic contour pillow you should continue reading. We are sure you’ll be convinced that this is just the product you’ve been looking for.



  • An ideal product for sufferers of acid reflux or arthritis of the neck.
  • Being jumbo sized you won’t need to use extra pillows that could slide away and disturb you during the night.
  • The cooling technology used guarantees that you’ll stay cool throughout – say goodbye to waking up to that hot and sweaty feeling.
  • By aligning your neck and shoulders you’ll get just the right amount of support you need.
  • One end has a 5-inch lobe and the other a 4-inch lobe so is suitable for individual preferences whether you are a large or a small person


  • As with all memory foam pillows, it has a slight smell to start with. But airing it before use will help get rid of this.
  • It’s more suitable for side sleepers than for back sleepers.


Product Specs

The sensorpedic contour pillow was designed to give therapeutic relief to anyone suffering from sleep apnea. This is possible by giving natural support to your head while at the same time aligning your shoulders and neck. You can be sure of having a good posture which means that you’ll muscles will be able to relax.

To ensure flexibility there are two lobes – one measuring 5 inches the other 4 inches. This will cover each individual need. The larger lobe is more suitable for larger people and the smaller one for smaller people. As the pillow measures 14 inches by 21 inches there’ll be no need to use any extra pillows.

Being made of memory foam it adjusts naturally to your own shape: thus giving you complete support as your weight is dispersed evenly. As soon as you lie on it, it molds to your shape and this response to pressure offers the support you need for your neck, shoulders and head.

As comfort is also important to you, the cooling technology helps the pillow to breathe so the surface will stay dry. There’ll be no more hot spots that make you feel uncomfortable and prevent you from falling asleep. How is this possible? The Icool technology used in the sensorpedic gel pillow allows air to flow through the foam. For further ventilation, the triple layer cover is produced from a knit fabric that is easy to spot clean. Actually, another feature is that it the fabric used is anti-stain protected. You won’t have to worry about it becoming easily stained. And if it does for any reason, it can be spot cleaned.



Main Benefits

Most people spend a lot of time in choosing just the right mattress for their beds and are also willing to pay a good price for the right one. But this isn’t always the case when it comes to pillows!

How much thought have you already put into buying the right pillow? Considering the fact that your pillow could take up about 20% of your sleeping space it really is important. For both back and side sleepers you need to be sure that you’ll get exactly the right amount of support you need.

Should you suffer from sleep apnea and wake up with an aching neck or headaches then it really is time you thought about buying a sensorpedic contour pillow. Why suffer if there’s a solution to your problem!

You’re possibly now asking yourself: ‘How will a sensorpedic pillow benefit me? Is it really better than the pillow I already have? Is it worth investing in?’

To help convince you of its benefits read on.

  • To ensure a good posture the sensorpedic memory pillow molds to your personal head shape. Despite being soft enough to do this, it’s still firm enough to give the support you need for your neck and head.
  • It offers support to both back and side sleepers. Being filled with memory foam your head will be supported at the right height. For back sleepers, you can also be sure that it will tilt your head in just the right position for supporting your neck and back.
  • The memory foam offers the support that you thought you’d never be able to find. It’s like a dream come true!
  • You won’t find anything better for keeping you cool while you sleep. The Icool technology used in this product is unique and will ensure that your pillow stays cool. You’ll no longer need to worry about waking up because your head feels hot and sweaty.
  • For sufferers of acid reflux or any other ailments it’s a perfect solution to your problem. But it’s also great for people who are just looking for a better night’s sleep.
  • As this pillow is jumbo size you won’t need to buy any extra pillows: neither will you have to worry about your pillows slipping away during the night.
  • With a 5-inch lobe and a 4-inch lobe you will be able to individualize the fit of your pillow.



What Makes This Product So Effective?


What makes any product effective? Design, of course! And the sensorpedic memory foam pillow really has a unique design. It’s one of the few pillows that have been produced to give therapeutic relief.

Being jumbo sized it measures 14 inches by 21 inches so you only need the one pillow. You can forget those nights where you woke up with no pillow because the three pillows you used for support had slipped away.

You won’t need to worry about whether the pillow is suitable for you if you are a large person or a small person: How come? The lobes of the pillow have two different heights. One end of the pillow measures 5 inches so is suitable for larger people. The other end of the pillow measures 4 inches so is suitable for smaller people.

What’s more: it’s covered in a triple layer of circular knit fabric – absolute luxury! Why is that? Because this fabric makes sure you get just the right amount of ventilation you need for a good night’s sleep.

Talking about ventilation: The unique Icool technology used allows the pillow to breathe so you’ll no longer wake up feeling hot and sweaty around your head. It regulates the heat so you’ll stay dry, cool and comfortable throughout the night.

You’ve possible already tried out some other pillows but they really didn’t deliver what they offered. Maybe they got grubby easily! This fabric used for this product is anti stain protected so will stay clean much longer. But when you do notice that there are stains for whatever reason, it’s easy to remove the cover to spot clean it.

Although there is a slight odor when it arrives, as with all memory pillows, the smell quickly disappears when you air it. It’s better to leave it breathe for a day or two before using it.

It may be a rather expensive product, but it’s well worth paying the extra as any pillow made of inferior quality will not allow you to have a cool sleep that is stress free. This product really is ‘Luxury Extraordinaire’

Just How Convenient Is It To Use?

As it’s a jumbo pillow with two different sized lobes you don’t need to worry about convenience.  Having a 5-inch lobe and a 4-inch lobe ensures that it’s suitable and therefore convenient for both larger and smaller people. And don’t forget, you’ll no longer need to sleep on three pillows for support only to find them slipping away during the night. This pillow will stay in just the same position that it was when you fell asleep.

We’re sure you’ll also agree that there’s nothing more convenient than having a pillow that takes your shape exactly while being soft enough to keep you comfortable. And, of course, it will give you complete support: exactly the right amount of support you need while you’re sleeping. Only by having enough support will you have the right posture. Of course, the right posture means that your muscles relax and relaxed muscles mean that you’ll fall asleep easily! It’s simple really.

Have you thought about how convenient it is to have a pillow that stays cool all night? No more sweaty pillows that have been thrown to the side so you wake up feeling hot, but with no pillow under your head. You probably had great trouble getting back to sleep when that happened. Maybe you couldn’t get back to sleep and ended up tossing and turning for the rest of the night. The sensorpedic memory foam used to produce this pillow is breathable so you can be sure that this won’t happen to you again. Not only does the memory foam work to keep you cool, but the cover is also made of a completely breathable fabric so the surface of the pillow is guaranteed to remain cool, too.

So, when you think of convenience this pillow offers:

  • plenty of support to help your posture
  • protection against sweating as it’s made of breathable materials
  • a good night’s sleep

You really won’t find anything better on the market. You’ll soon wish you’d purchased one a long time ago.



Now that you’ve informed yourself about the Sensorpedic Luxury Extraordinaire Contour Memory Foam Neck Pillow, you must surely agree with us that it’s the right product for everyone. The fact that it’s not cheap is irrelevant when you think of what you’re offered for your money. You’ll have a pillow that is completely comfortable, keeps cool and gives you complete support. No more lying awake for half the night tossing and turning because you are uncomfortable: No more waking up because you’ve lost the three pillows you used hoping for support: And no more waking up because your head feels hot and sweaty!

You have to agree: this product really is ‘Luxury Extraordinaire’