Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow Review

Travelrest Pillow

Travelrest Pillow Overview

Travellers who get stuck in middle or aisle seats can now rejoice because the Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow is here. Anyone who has ever sat in a middle or aisle seat knows that sleeping in those types of seats presents one major issue, there is nothing to lean against. Besides the seatback, which never seems to recline as much as one would like, middle and aisle seats lack the additional support of window seats. But with the patented, ergonomic design of this product, leaning against a comfortable surface will never be an issue again.

If you've just booked a long distance trip, then I would keep reading this review to find out how to make your journey a much more comfortable ride. 


  • Unique ergonomic design
  • Full lateral support
  • Inflatable for easy portability
  • Multi-Use and adjustable
  • Machine Washable
Travelrest Review

The Travelrest pillow has a unique ergonomic design that makes it the ultimate versatile cushion for travel. Shaped somewhat like an L, the pillow can be adjusted in multiple positions. When worn across the body from shoulder to hip, it provides support for the user to gently rest against. For those who prefer to lean against a solid surface for improved upright support, users can position the pillow on one side of the body and hook an arm around the cushion for additional support. This cushion is also easy to secure in place because of its L-shape, which lets it hook onto the back of a headrest. This product is also the most compact of any travel headrest since it can be deflated into a flat shape and stored in a side pocket of a bag.

Product Specifications:

Travelrest Folded

The ergonomic design of the Travelrest pillow enables it to provide full lateral support for the head, neck and upper body. The design also makes this a versatile cushion that can be worn across the body or positioned on one side of the body to provide support. An L-shaped head allows the user to hook the pillow onto the headrest of a car or airline seat to secure it in place. This product is easy to inflate with just a few breaths and because it can be deflated, it is incredibly convenient to carry. This cushion can be washed and an optional velour and memory foam cover can be purchased separately. There is also a two-year warranty for this product.


  • Ergonomic design provides full upper body support
  • Versatile design ideal for any seat, window, middle or aisle
  • Easy to secure with L-shaped head onto seat headrests
  • Deflates into flat, compact shape for convenient carry
  • Machine-washable
  • Two-year warranty


  • User must inflate the pillow

Final Verdict: Is it Right For You?

Man Sleeping on Train

It’s easy to see why there is a patent for the ergonomic design of the Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow and I've got to admit we got a bit excited when we found out we were going to review it. The versatile and unique design of this product means that travellers no longer must worry about whether they get a window, middle, or aisle seat. Although some users may not appreciate having to inflate the cushion, the inflatable design also means that users can adjust the firmness of the pillow by first inflating it fully and then letting out as much air as needed until the headrest has the ideal amount of pressure for support and relaxation. While this pillow does not have the chin support to prevent one’s head from falling forward, by positioning it across the body, it is possible to rest against the pillow in such a way as to prevent one’s head from dropping down suddenly.

For long distance adventures, the Travelrest Pillow provides the ultimate, full upper body support, so if you're wondering where to buy this product simply click here.

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